EPT9 Sanremo: Cheering for Lavallee, or Lacay, it doesn’t matter

October 11, 2012


Usually as the number of players in a poker tournament is reduced so too are the number of spectators. But the opposite is happening in the theatre of Casino Sanremo thanks largely to a sizeable gathering of Jason Lavallee supporters. Or are they Ludovic Lacay supporters?

Some 20 or so friends of the the players have taken seats at the back of the theatre, among them Jonathan Duhamel and Martin Jacobson. All are in high spirits thanks to, well, spirits. They cheer anything but cheer loudest when a new tray of drinks arrives, so loud that those nearer the stage begin shushing them. This had no effect, but the shushers, perhaps sensing a losing battle, pretended that it had. Meanwhile anyone with a camera started to take pictures.


Ludovic Lacay

Lavallee himself admitted to being on the sauce last night, drinking until late. Regardless of how things go he’d better be ready for another night on it tonight.

“Jason we love you!” shouted the man in a baseball cap who’d carried the tray. “Jason!” he shouted. “Jason!” he shouted again. “Jason we love you!” he tried one last time.

For his part Lavallee, who was in the middle of a hand, ignored the first cry, and the second and third, but on the fourth looked back into the crowd. He said nothing but his face told them to shut the hell up.


Jason Lavallee

The crowd were busying themselves with drinking because there’s actually nothing to see to distract them. The only indications of how things are going are the stacks. Lacay’s can be seen from the stalls, several blue and yellow towers peeking up over the edge of the table. In contrast a single tower of yellows is all that sits in front of Lavallee. He also doesn’t look as happy.

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