EPT9 Grand Final Super High Roller: New boy takes seat among the old boys

May 14, 2013

There was a new boy in class this morning when the draw was made at the start of play. Little is known of Sami Taouint except that he showed up with a roll of bills, two friends, and absolutely insisted on playing the super high roller. It’s poker’s equivalent of the bench-warmer begging his coach for just one chance to prove himself, although similar behaviour in the NFL would be considered a bribe and result in immediate suspension.

Taouint wears an expensive watch, has slicked back hair, sports a Penthouse t-shirt and has headphones on – fitting the identikit description of a poker player at least. But that’s it. His name doesn’t appear on any system. Will he disappear as quickly as he arrived? So far he plays on, the other children being nice to the new boy.

Samir_Taouint _monaco9_shr_d2.jpg

Samir Taouint

It was thought the likelihood of that increased when he was drawn on the same table as Phil Ivey, Isaac Haxton, Andrew Lichtenberger, Shakerchi, Rettenmaier. And yet Taouint is still here, occasionally looking over at his friends. If we knew anything about Taouint we could judge from his friends’ expression, whether they were as surprised, or not, as we are.

There was surprise also on the neighbouring table, where Mr Mos (sic), a man of great mystery, was listening to music through his headphones at a volume that could be heard in Italy. A man of refinement, Moss (sic) is dressed in purple velour and wearing a Ferrari baseball cap, perhaps the first man in the world to wear a Ferrari baseball cap whilst actually owning a Ferrari.

First it sounded like the familiar screech of Axl Rose. Then Metallica, the bristly opening chords of Enter Sandman. Whatever was funnelled into his ears it was loud enough for everyone to hear, so for confirmation ask around.

The players around him noticed it, politely declining to say anything while trying not to giggle. “Kids these days,” joked Scott Seiver, unspecific as to whether he was referring to the loud music or the velour. No one decided to bring it up with Mosse (sic).

Stephen Bartley is a PokerStars Blog reporter.

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