EPT9 Grand Final: Joachim Haraldstad takes €12,700 and trophy

May 15, 2013

Joachim Haraldstad was another winner at the EPT Grand Final taking down a €1,100 Hold’em event for €12,700, picking up his first recorded live win.

EPT9 Grand Final, event #43
Date: 14 May, 2013
Buy-in: €1,100
Game: NLHE
Players: 40
Prize pool: €38,800


Joachim Haraldstad

1. Joachim Haraldstad, Norway, €12,700
2. Yves Kupfermunz, Belgium, €11,000
3. Xavier Detournel, France, €5,400
4. Michael Friedrich, Switzerland, €3,900
5. Murad Mirza, Azerbaijan, €3,100
6. Andrey Gulyy, Russian Federation, €2,700

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