EPT9 Barcelona: Let the calculations begin

August 20, 2012


So much of poker these days is about numbers: your VPIP, PFR and 3B, blah, blah, blah. But in the live environment, especially these major tournaments, only one figure tends to matter: how much money is in the prize pool?

As is now typical, Day 1B is the day on which we have this question answered. The second flight of players have arrived to Gran Casino Barcelona to make their EPT9 debuts. At the end of two 75-minute levels today, anyone still loitering in the corridors has missed their chance.

When the klaxon sounds to begin level three, we know our number of entrants. If we multiply that by the €5,000 they paid to enter, minus the relevant deductions, we’ll be close to knowing the full total of cash in the middle.


Guitarists in Barcelona

After further calculations have been made, we’ll know how the cash is going to be distributed, including the all-important first-place prize. Last year Martin Schleich won €850,000 for beating 810 others. There will a similar number this year.


Martin Schleich, defending champion

Indeed, 403 anted up on Day 1A, of which 222 made it through the eight levels. In previous seasons, Day 1B was pretty much certain to be busier than the opening flight, but that is not necessarily true anymore. Today we will also find out what impact the rejigging of events will have on the main event. (The summary of all this is below.)

We are close to starting the action today, both in the tournament room and on PokerStars Blog. Our coverage today will be, as ever, hand-for-hand in the top panel on the main EPT9 Barcelona page, plus colour features below.

Look out today for details of how the Estrellas Main Event and High Roller ended up and also hear Lex Veldhuis introducing our new “The Daily Strategy” column. We will also be catching up with some more PokerStars qualifiers and established big names.

In other words: fun, fun and more fun.

Day 1B stat plan:

Players: TBD
Levels: Eight 75-minute levels, with staggered dinner break after level five.
Registration: Closes at end 15-minute break before level three.
Buy in: €5,000 (+€300)
Prize pool: TBD


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