EPT9 Barcelona: Joentausta leads the 600 into Day 2

August 21, 2012


After two lengthy opening days 600 players return today for six levels each lasting 75 minutes. Yesterday Guy Bachar topped the Day 1B field at the close with 170,000, short of the overall leader Aku Joentausta, who bagged up 236,200 on Day 1A. Bachar’s total is good for fifth place overall.

It is bathroom-hot again in Barcelona today, a city of tall buildings but remarkably few shadows to find any relief.

Back in the early days of the EPT expressions such as “it’s warm outside, but even hotter on the tournament floor, where the action is…” etc. etc. we used almost daily before they became repetitious.


Outdoors in Barcelona

Actually, some people still do this, extending its longevity by reversing the weather to make it “cold” outside, rather than hot. Nevertheless, it seems right to take that old cliché for a spin given that later on we’ll be looking back on the early day of the Tour, which started right here in Barcelona. It was an era when everything was ad-libbed, defeated players were given a complimentary baseball cap, and first prize just about covered your drinks bill.

Actually today we can change it a little as say that (big grin) while it’s warm outside, it will be cooler on the tournament floor as the action heats up. Not only will each busted player take the others a step closer to the money, it will also reduce the strain on the tournament room air conditioning. It may yet prove the first time the atmospheric conditions have affected play since Stu Ungar won the World Series Main Event in 1997, playing outdoors with cards blowing away in the breeze.

That’s just one aspect of EPT Barcelona you can read about today. Two players who are used to working in much cooler climbs are poker playing ski champions Petter Northug and Thomas Northug. They caught up with Lex Veldhuis prior to the start, which you can read about later, along with whatever else comes along.

Any extra detail you can find at the top right of this page, including today’s seat draw, which can also be viewed here.


Lynn Gilmartin talks with Rick Dacey ahead of Day 2 of EPT Barcelona…


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