EPT9 Barcelona: He helped Rafa Nadal, now he takes his seat

August 19, 2012


Rafa Nadal needed help and Sergey Martynenko answered the call. Actually so did around 799 others but Martynenko did it best, making a 30 second video offering his advice (“Ask Daniel Negreanu”) how to best learn this great game of ours.

The video, quite frankly, is superb, combining humour and mischievous chorography as Martynenko explains what he believes to be the very essence of poker. Making videos is a hobby of Martynenko’s, something he finds a fun activity to do in his spare time. From the looks of things he should make more of them.

“[I made it] Just for fun,” said Martynenko. “It wasn’t my profession; it’s just interesting for me. Sometimes I’ve got some ideas and I find it funny.”


Advantage Rafa Nadal

His reward was a full package to EPT Barcelona and over on table 13, in seat one, Martynenko is making the best of it; still in, albeit with a stack about 20,000, with a level left to play on Day 1A.

“I’ve been playing poker for about two years on PokerStars and my limits are low,” he said. “I’m trying to get higher but this is the biggest tournament I’ve ever (played). It’s very difficult. The play is very aggressive. I tried to concentrate and to remember all the things I know. Sometimes it helps me.”

For now Martynenko, who is an Engineer in Moscow when not playing online or making videos, is enjoying the experience, in the knowledge that Rafa Nadal might just take his advice to heart as he too begins his live poker career. It’s just a shame his co-stars in the video couldn’t travel with him.

“I’m travelling alone,” said Martynenko. “I would be very happy if my wife came with me but we’ve got little children.”

Alas we don’t get to meet the entire cast, but if you haven’t seen it it’s well worth watching the family Martynenko in action below:


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