EPT9 Barcelona: Fashionably late, but plenty to celebrate

August 18, 2012


The PokerStars party kicked off at 8pm, but the tourney director of the Women’s event at EPT Barcelona knew none of our players wanted to be first through the door standing in a half-empty room clutching a glass of cava. No, the PokerStars women played until 9pm. Only then could ten happy women could head for Shoko bar, knowing the party would be in full swing, and that they had good reason to celebrate.

Those celebrations might be a little restrained by the fact they have a tournament to win tomorrow, and a hangover won’t help that cause.

Those returning include Charlotte van Brabander, whose sister Camille played her first big game today, and didn’t do badly for a first try. But it’s Charlotte whose experience counted most to take her through to Day 2.

Chip leader at the end of play is Lucia Martinez Ibanez, a Barcelona local, who bagged up 101,200 chips at the day’s end.

Lucia_martinez _ibanez_ept9bar_psw2_w.jpg

Lucia Martinez Ibanez

There’s still a chance of a first double PokerStars Women Live winner. Leo Margets returns with 48,000 chips, and may need to put off her plan of playing the Main Event day 1A.

Liya Gerasimova is also in contention. The wife of Team Pro Ivan Demidov, is one of two Russian players to reach day two.


Liya Garasimova

Final chip counts are as follows:

Liya Garismov 28,200 (Russia)
Charlotte van Brabander 54,500 (Belgium)
Isabel Baltazar 16,800 (France)
Barbara Martinez 34,200 (France)
Darya Hulyk 95,800 (Ukraine)
Rekha Choraria 33,900 (United Kingdom)
Lucia Martinez Ibanez 101,200 (Spain)
Hannah Dombroski 26,200 (Spain)
Leo Margets 48,000 (Spain)
Tatiana Toplakova 64,200 (Russia)

That’s it for Day 1 of the PokerStars Women tourney. We’ll return tomorrow – with no hangover, we promise.

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