EPT9 Barcelona: Bonomo and Smith against it in €10,000 Heads Up Championship semis

August 24, 2012


Justin Bonomo and Dan Smith are in danger of getting knocked in the semi-finals of the €10,000 Heads Up Championship, Bonomo is currently one-all against his opponent Marc-Andre Ladouceur but is trailing in the decider. Smith is behind one-nil to Norwegian Terje Augdal and will have to wiin both remaining games if he’s to have a shot at the final and his second EPT Barcelona title following his Super High Roller win.

The payouts
1st. €136,700
2nd. €91,000
Semi-finals. €38,000

ept9_dan smith_headsup.jpg

Dan Smith’s card protector from yesterday

We’ll let you know how things progress…

The final is set
And it’s been confirmed: Smith and Bonomo have fallen at the (semi-)final hurdle setting up a big money best of five heads-up between Augdal and Ladouceur.


Justin Bonomo (foreground) was knocked out by Marc-Andre Ladouceur

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