EPT9 Barcelona: A tale of two sisters

August 18, 2012


Charlotte van Brabander and her sister Camille sit at adjacent tables. They look very alike, but Camille has blonde hair while Charlotte has brunette. Camille wears a plain white top, while Charlotte sports a fancy black one decorated with tassels resembling fish scales – and of course Charlotte wears a ‘Friend of PokerStars’ patch. Charlotte is relaxed, Camille understandably looks a little nervous – this is her first EPT.

Appearances don’t matter a jot in a poker tournament, as a glance at the male-dominated Super High Roller event will prove. All that matters is the number of chips in front of you. There’s a difference between Charlotte and Camille here too. Charlotte is close to being chip leader with 49,500 chips, while her little sister sports one of the smaller stacks with 4,000. The blinds are 400/800 with a 100 ante. Camille probably doesn’t need her sister to tell her she needs to win some pots soon.

Charlotte won her chip lead in a hand versus Laura Cantero. Laura’s all-in re-raise prompted Charlotte to quietly say, “Call.” Charlotte gave an apologetic smile as her Jacks beat Laura’s Ace King sending the Spanish player to the rail.


Charlotte van Brabander

Charlotte is a pro gamer who enjoys blasting virtual guns to effect in Counter-Strike. This game is all about blood soaked graphics and the screams of enemy attacks, but Charlotte never shows a blood-thirsty streak when she plays poker, she’s unassuming and always polite. It’s just her cards she plays with a killer instinct.

I watched Camille as she doubled up, her kings beating a smaller pair. Camille quickly apologised to her opponent then made a shy comment about her good fortune. It seems the sisters are alike in their good grace too.

The PokerStars Women tournament is down to 23 players, and will end after two more levels with play resuming tomorrow. Among those still playing are Leo Margets, Lucia Martinez, Erica Holland, Liva Gerasimoca, qualifier Klaudia ‘Dasultanz’ Csongei – and two quiet-spoken sisters from Belgium.


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