EPT8 Prague: Day 2, level 13 & 14 updates (1,200-2,400, 300 ante)

December 07, 2011


9pm: Play ends
Play has come to an end for Day 2. After that huge pot with Kevin MacPhee, Garri Tevosov is the end of day chip leader with 764,000. Full counts and a wrap of the day’s play will be up for reading shortly. — MC

8.48pm: Last three hands
We’re playing three more hands before bringing play to an end.

8.47pm: MacPhee’s kings cracked, Tevosov chip leader?
Kevin MacPhee has busted out with pocket kings to the pocket queens of Garri Tevosov in a battle of the blinds (so we’ve been informed). The tussle resulted in a pot well over 400,000 with the Russian catching a queen on the turn of a 4♣5♣3♦Q♠9♥ board to bust MacPhee. Full counts to come soon but Tevosov will be challenging for the lead. — RD

8.45pm: Aggression doesn’t pay for Ainsworth
A huge hand just played out at Jude Ainworth table and it didn’t go the Team PokerStars way. We only reached the table as the 395,000 pot was being pushed the way of Andre Klebanov but some of the information was relayed back to us.

Ainsworth raised before Klebanov three-bet and Marcel Bjerkmann four-bet. Ainsworth put in a five-bet and both opponent’s called. The flop fell 6♣9♠A♥ and somehow Ainsworth and Klebanov got the rest of the chips in. Bjerkmann said later that he passed kings.

Ainworth tabled ten-nine but was crushed by his opponent’s pocket aces for top set. — MC

8.40pm: Underwater shove
This hand appeared to take place underwater. An under-the-gun raise from Kevin Storey to 6,000 was three-bet to 15,000 by Vesa Leikos and slowly – oh so slowly – he was four-bet to 25,000 by Sergey Baburin. The action passed back to Leikos whose hand sidled towards his chips and made the call.

Neither player bet the 8♥3♦4♣ flop. Leikos check-called 15,400 on the 5♦ turn, this again taking some time. The 5♣ river paired the board and Leikos moved all-in for 170,000 covering Leikos’ remaining 80,000. He passed. — RD

8.30pm: Duhamel slips up to bust
Former world champ Jonathan Duhamel has busted after an aggressive pre flop play went wrong.

PokerStars qualifier Ari Engel raised to 5,300 from mid position before Duhamel three-bet to 12,700 out of the blinds. Engel was having none of it though and four-bet to 22,800. The Team PokerStars Pro had one last move – to snap push for 137,000. Engle snapped right back to create the showdown.

Engel: A♠K♠
Duhamel: J♥2♥

The board ran 3♠Q♦Q♣4♠10♣ to bust the Canadian. Engel is up to 300,000 chips. — MC

ept prague_day 2_jonathan duhamel.jpg

Jonathan Duhamel

8.20pm: The fallen
These notable players almost made it through two days of poker: Melanie Weisner, Luke Schwartz and Natalie Hof. — MC

8.15pm: What’s going on?
This is what’s going on:

– Ty Mullins has driven his stack back up to 340,000. He has just lost a small pot to Nicolas Levi but the American is looking very focused.

– Fellow American Kevin MacPhee is now up 270,000 having started the day on 44,000. Is the EPT Berlin winner going to get another shot at doing the double?

– Salman Behbehani has bust out to Roman Romanovski after four-bet jamming 107,000 with 7♦6♦. He was called by A♦K♣. A 8♣4♠7♣ flop looked good but a king on the turn settled the hand. — RD

8.10pm: Strong foundations below this Kastle
Casey Kastle came back with just 4,300 today and is still in with 41,000. He told us that in the WSOP main event one year he managed to last three whole days with between five and fifteen big blinds. #resilient — MC

8.05pm: Hansen busts
Gus Hansen has gotten unlucky to bust. He got the last of his chips in with pocket kings versus an opponent holding ace-jack. The flop was kind to the Dane but the turn and river brought an ace apiece. — MC

ept prague_day 2_gushansen.jpg

“Ha! No ace”

ept prague_day 2_gus hansen.jpg

“An ace. Maybe I hit another king”

ept prague_day 2_gus hansen.jpg

“Another ace then”

8.03pm: Lurking in the shadows
We haven’t written that much about Mike McDonald this tournament as he never really had a big stack. He’s quietly gone about his business today and has amassed a stack nearing 250,000. He will now be one to watch for sure.

He just won a pot after emptying the clip on a K♦8♠10♦6♥8♣ board. The 18,300 bullet on the turn didn’t do it, but the 33,400 river bullet sure did. — MC

7.55pm: Wissing effortlessly chipping up, Lundmark there again
Mad Wissing is up to 612,000 and seems to be getting chips without doing anything. Despite making a beeline for his table numerous times day I am literally yet to see him play hand. I saw him pass up his small blind once, that’s as far as it goes. The Dane is obviously doing something right though.

Another player making the right moves is Kent Lundmark who is digging in with 360,000. The EPT Barcelona winner of last season keeps making deep runs and this looks likely to be his fifth EPT cash since he won his title last November. — RD

7.45pm: Chip daddies
Here are the three clear chip leaders in the room:

Mads Wissing, 612,000
Jude Ainsworth, 546,000
Martin Finger, 529,000

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 1,200-2,400, 300

7.25pm: Smyth and Hansen
Marty Smyth and Gus Hansen are still in but both have recently dropped to 45,000 chips.

Smyth raised from the button and was called by Petr Subik in the big blind. Both checked the flop before Subik led for 6,000 on the turn and river. The final board read J♣3♣8♠Q♠5♣ and the Irishman only called the first bet before he open folded A♠8♠ to the second. His opponent showed him Q♥.

Moments later on the next table along Hansen called a 10,200 river bet from Alexey Tsyganok. There was around 28,000 in the middle and the final board read K♥J♥5♥9♥2♦. The Dane called but mucked upon seeing his opponent’s Q♣10♣ for a straight.

The players are now on the last break of the day. — MC

7.20pm: Silver service for Finger food
Max Silver has just lost a small pot to Martin Finger but it’s easy to imagine that these two will clash in larger pots before the end of the day. Finger is up to some 450,000 after raking in a small pot from Silver. The German opened for 5,000 (possibly 4,000) from the hijack and was called in the small blind by Silver. Both players checked the K♥9♦Q♣ flop, Silver bet the 4♥ turn and then check-folded to a 13,000 bet on the 8♠ river. — RD

7.10pm: Just the right bullets
It’s the end of the road for Martin Staszko. The home town hero, who finished runner-up at the November Nine just weeks ago, was sent to the rail by Calvin Anderson after a hand that went from 0 to 6-bet in just seconds.

Staszko had raised and four-bet while Anderson had three bet and five bet. Staszko called for a flop of 6♦J♦Q♦ at which point he shoved for his remaining 75,000. Anderson called showing A♦7♠ to Staszko’s A♥10♦.

After the turn 5♦ and river J♥ Staszko celebrated very quietly, but suddenly noticed that Anderson’s A♦ gave him the pot, and a stack of 335,000 while sending him to the rail. — SB

ept prague_day 2_martin staszko.jpg

Martin Staszko: bust out but still a good 2011

7pm: How’s it gonna end?
As Dermot Blain is crippled at one end of the tournament room, down to just 10,000 after his K♣6♣ was clobbered by Konstantin Streletskiy’s A♠K♦, his countryman Jude Ainsworth just moved into what is likely to be second place after a three-way all in.

With the board showing 5♣2♦6♥10♠4♥ Ainsowrorth’s K♦K♠ were face up on the table and the Irishman was doing his best not to grin too much. Next to him Mohsin Charania had shown Ace-Queen while opposite Andrew Luetchford had shown pocket queens. Neither had found friends on the board and now Ainsworth was stacking up half a million chips. Only Mads Wissing has more.

Stop press: Dermot Blain is now out. — SB

6.50pm: Schwartz rocked by river
“Probably a good river for you,” said Luke Schwartz as he set Thomas Peterson all-in for his last 27,700 on a 8♥8♠Q♥5♦A♦ board. Schwartz had bet 11,500 into the turn and Peterson had made the call, as he did so again on the river.

Schwartz: K♥K♠
Peterson: A♥J♥

Schwartz was correct, it was a good card for the Swede who doubled to 100,000. Schwartz is down to 45,000. — RD

6.40pm: Some notable chip counts
Johnny Lodden, 95,000
Andrey Saenko, 175,000
Salman Behbehani, 130,000
Ramez Haddad, 140,000
Jude Ainsworth, 280,000
Mohsin Charania, 49,000
Chris Moorman, 69,000
Anton Wigg, 120,000
Rupert Elder, 225,000
Martins Adeniya, 240,000
Martin Staszko, 110,000
Dermot Blain, 75,000
Narendra Banwari, 160,000
Jonathan Duhamel, 135,000
Dominik Nitsche, 55,000
Ville Wahlbeck, 68,000
Ari Engel, 115,000
Gus Hansen, 61,000
Eoghan O’Dea, 23,000
Jean-Philippe Rohr, 148,000
Mike McDonald, 58,000
Luke Schwartz, 64,000
David Peters, 61,000
Melanie Weisner, 25,000
Juan Manuel Pastor, 90,000
Nicolas Levi, 165,000
Vitaly Lunkin, 110,000
Martin Hruby, 47,000
Joe Serock, 155,000
Liv Boeree, 260,000
Kevin MacPhee, 130,000

6.35pm: Vogt wins monster pot
Rasmus Vogt has just won a huge 360,000 pot after doubling through Mayer Szabolcs.

Szabolcs had opened for 4,000, Vogt had three-bet to 9,700 and was four-bet back to 24,000. Vogt five-bet to 53,000 and Szabolcs announced that he was all-in. Call. Vogt held ace-king which held against Szabolcs’ ace-queen leaving the Hungarian with just 25,000. — RD

6.30pm: Silver-back on track
Max Silver is up to 215,000 after eliminating Damian Porebski. The hand was very standard on two counts:

Firstly, that Silver opened with 6♣6♦ from the button and called the Pole’s 20 big blind shove with K♦Q♦.

Secondly, that Silver won the race. The board ran 2♦A♥4♠3♥3♠ to secure him the pot. — MC

6.20pm: The leaders
As we go into level 13 four players are on more than 300,000.

Mads Wissing – 527,200
Garri Tevosov – 374,200
Kent Lundmark – 334,100
Sharon Volfer – 306,400

Meanwhile Pat Pezzin is among the latest fallers.


Pat Pezzin

6.10pm: Play resumes
Cards are in the air for level 13, with blinds at 1,000-2,000 with a 200 ante.

PokerStars Blog reporting team in Prague: Milan Convey, Franz Bartley and Martina Dacey.


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