EPT8 Monaco: Dressing for the occasion

April 26, 2012


Mark Twain once said “Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society.” He’s right of course, with the possible exception of anyone in fashion or film; but few poker players have really considered looking smart in their approach to their day job; swapping comfort for elegance often furthest from the mind of a man in short trousers shoving half of a fried egg sandwich into his mouth while everyone waits for him to check or bet.

The price we pay is sea of T-shirts, flip flops, and elasticated trousers, scraped off the hotel room floor this morning having been the last thing tossed there the night before.

However, it’s not all about food stains and visible underwear. Perhaps taking heed of the James Hartigan school of sartorial enforcement, whereby final tablists are obliged to wear a jacket and collar (I favour dinner jackets), a handful of players look to have upped their game sartorially this afternoon, at least since arriving in Monaco.

Chief among them is Kevin MacPhee, who has spent the day being followed around by a television camera crew, wearing a well cut jacket of plaid for the occasion.


Kevin MacPhee

Elsewhere Marcel Luske has done the same. The Flying Dutchman Team PokerStars Pro (in what order should those words really be written?) is no stranger to the pleasing pressures of a starched collar, but had drifted into casual attire of late. Not anymore; his Windsor knot easily capable of withstanding the creased aggression thrown at him by youngsters in bare feet.


Back to his old self, Marcel Luske

Others in jacket and collar include David Deutsch, who started the day on the same table as Melanie Weisner (more on her below), as well as Romano Favetta. Calvin Anderson matches a pale blue jacket with some tan polished wingtips; a simple lesson to anyone with feet.

It should be pointed out that this respect for the occasion is not exclusive to (albeit a handful of) men, it’s just that women players tend to look good whenever they play. Annette Obrestad and Melanie Weisner always shine, as do Victoria Coren and Vanessa Rousso. Vanessa Selbst created a look of her own in her red Adidas top, while Liv Boeree has Glam-Metal just about nailed.


Liv Boeree

This is Day 1 of course. It may be that come Day 4, the sports jacket comes out of moth balls and replace the sports team Halloween costumes. You never know, and only yesterday Jake Cody and Taylor Paur followed Twain’s route of a hardy white suit. Cody did bust though, and burnt his in protest. Perhaps for some the flannel pants and hoodie is a better option after all.

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