EPT8 Monaco: Blonde on Blonde on the rail

April 30, 2012


Live coverage of The PokerStars Monte-Carlo®Casino European Poker Tour Grand Final has begun, which you can now watch on EPTLive.com in its entirety, complete with hole cards and the latest cinema news from James Hartigan.

The tournament room is unusually full today, not for the main event necessarily, but for the other side events taking place, including the High Roller and a €5,000 hold’em six-max.

That said the rail around the TV table is busy, complete with the Cailly rail which returns today after making the majority of noise last night, much to the delight of card caller Robbie Thompson. One new addition is the blond wigs they wear, which we’re taking to be a tribute to Cailly rather than a slur at the wispy-haired Bernard Guignon.

It raises another quite serious question. Where exactly do you buy a dozen blond wigs in Monaco over night? Play finished at 1am last night, with 12 hours to get shopping. Who can pull off such ingenuity?


Team Cailly, with Guenegou second from right

The answer is Thebaud Guenegou, one of the travelling supports of Cailly, who got up this morning and found a small market in Fontvieille, on the border with France. It took Guenegou two hours, mainly spent asking startled locals, who tend to treat the matter of hair with a little more sensitivity, where he might find a crate of blond wigs.

“Finally on the fifth or sixth time I found somewhere,” said Guenegou. “I took everything they had.”

The results should be lively on the rail, €120 well spent, although you can’t help but feel bad for the wig shop keeper now on the phone ordering another dozen to deal with demand.


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