EPT8 Monaco $25,000 High Roller: Negreanu fits in with the leaders

April 30, 2012


As you may have noticed if you have been following our colleagues over on the dark side of PokerStars Blog, the main event of the Grand Final – sorry, the main event of the PokerStars and Monte-Carlo® Casino EPT Grand Final – is over. They are wandering the halls, breaking down the set and unscrewing every single one of those lightbulbs that make the huge video wall.

But fear not! The High Roller endures. We have 16 players sill left on this side of proceedings, and we need to make them eight. That will take a good few hours yet, so there is still an awful lot of poker to be played.

Shortly before the end of level 16, Daniel Negreanu was brought to the same table as the chip-leading Andrew Badecker. He was joined by Philip Gruissem, among others, who was second in chips at the time.


Daniel Negreanu on day two at the High Roller

And Negreanu is nothing if not a stickler for neatness. And with the two big stacks sitting next to each other already, the Team PokerStars Pro decided to make it a threesome: he flopped a set of deuces to beat Joe Elpayaa’s queens and move up to 730,000.

That meant that he made his stack the third largest in the room and when they went to dinner, Badecker (883,000), Gruissem (881,000) and Negreanu (730,000), all in a row, were all leading this thing.

They have now returned from dinner and straight into immediate bubble trouble. Only 14 get paid from the 16 players we have left. We’re now about to find out who is leaving with nowt.

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