EPT8 Madrid: In tribute to (bubble boy) McLean Karr

March 15, 2012


Just to remind you once more, McLean Karr was the bubble boy today. That’s McLean Karr, out in 73rd place. The bubble boy was McLean Karr.

I just want to be sure I mention it because while the matter of who the unlucky bubble finisher will be is always eagerly awaited, he or she’s plight is soon forgotten, never to be remembered and their contribution to the days excitement discarded like an old shoe. McLean Karr was the bubble boy.


The bubble boy, McLean Karr

In other sports in general these moments are never quite lost. The history books of sporting greatness is often dependant on numbers, results and statistics. But there always remains an empty page to be filled by those moments of sporting failure, which can be equally as great – Roberto Baggio’s missed penalty in the World Cup final in 1994; Bernard Langer’s yipped putt to tie the Ryder Cup and Bill Buckner’s fumble in the 1986 baseball World Series. No one will ever forget those. But not in poker. McLean Karr was the bubble boy by the way.

Perhaps it’s something to do with the fact that there is always a bubble boy in a poker tournament, whilst in other sports these anomalies are more memorable accidents than anything routine. Perhaps it’s better to think not of the empty handed bubble boy (McLean Karr) but of the runner up, who is also normally forgotten.

Take a minute and without counting on The Internet, list as many runner ups from Season 8 of the EPT as you can (we’ve decided not to include Copenhagen as we can still remember that quite clearly).


The other bubble boy (and girl)

How many did you get? I got one (Steve O’Dwyer in London). Rick Dacey, who’s mind is not quite as full remembering the winners of each event since season one, remembered two (somehow he got Grzegorz Cichocki from Tallinn). We’re guessing you had the same trouble as we had.

For the record here’s the list…

Tallinn – Grzegorz Cichocki
Barcelona – Dragan Kostic
London – Steve O’Dwyer
San Remo – Dimitar Danchev
Loutraki – Hawke Heseding
Prague – David Boyaciyan
PCA – Kyle Julius
Deauville – Paul Guichard
Copenhagen – Pierre Neuville

And it goes on and on the further back you go…

Let this be a small tribute to those lost souls who came so close but left, not so far exactly, as to do that we’d have to remember their names.

So here’s to you Jesus Cortes Lizano (EPT7 Barcelona), here’s to you Russell Carson (EPT6 Snowfest), here’s to you Arnaud Esquevin (EPT5 Deauville), here’s to you Andreas Gulunay (EPT4 Dortmund) and here’s to you Ben Johnson (EPT3 Baden).

And McLean Karr was the bubble boy.

Tournament snapshot
Level 19: blinds 4,000-8,000, ante 1,000
Players: 37 of 477
Average stack: 387,000
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