EPT8 Madrid: Boatman on course once more

March 15, 2012


Barny Boatman had something of a renaissance on the European Poker Tour this year, reaching the final table of EPT San Remo where he was eventually busted in fourth place to earn €225,000.

Boatman was hardly a newcomer to the business end of a poker tournament, having earned more than $2 million in a career spanning 14 years (next month) so far. But Boatman’s money had previously come from smaller wins. San Remo was the biggest of his career.

Today Boatman is on his way to the money once more, four out of four for cash finishes in as many EPT events this year.


Barny Boatman

“The day for me has been fine so far,” said Boatman at the break following the bubble bursting. “I’ve had to do a couple of naughty things here and there. But I’m focused on getting to the final, which is probably why I’ve got so few chips at the moment!”

Boatman puts his success on this season of the EPT down to various things, not least experience. “I don’t think my game has changed that much. I’ve always tended to run deep in these deep stack events. If anything’s changed I think it’s the fact that a big part of my game is exploiting other people’s aggression and the more aggressive other people get the more opportunity I get to exploit that.”

“It’s not a science. Obviously I wasn’t sure that I was right, but I felt sure enough to put my tournament on the line. Like I say, takes a thief to catch a thief! I tend to know when people are at it. Maybe I’m a bit more prepared these days to go with my gut in these positions.

“I’ve always been prepared to play this way but now, instead of having one or two decisions in a day, you’re given one or two decisions every five minutes because people do play very aggressively. I think I’ve got a style that suits that.

As the day crept on the bubble eventually burst in the space of one hand, leaving Boatman with a fourth cash. Now his focus switches to a second final table and a different approach to these latter stages.

“It’s not so much that changes in my game it’s what changes in other people’s,” said Boatman. “Everybody will tell you they’re focused on winning, not trying to cash. But obviously people are going to play with a bit less fear and you have to adjust to that.

“It’s now very expensive, 11k a round. I’ve got a shoving stack here…”

Tournament snapshot
Level 17: blinds 2500-5000, ante 500
Players: 68 of 477
Average stack: 210,500
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