EPT8 Madrid: Kenny Hallaert, big stack balla to micro grinder

March 15, 2012


This morning Kenny Hallaert walked into the Casino Gran Madrid with 102,000 chips in the €5,000 main event. He was yet to make the money but had to make the 72 player cut from the 112 remaining from a 447 starting field. The Belgian, not unused to this stage of the game, negotiated his way through the bubble, into the money but finally bust in 49th for €9,000.

How did he celebrate/commiserate his money finish? He did something that most high rollers wouldn’t consider it: Hallaert decided to jump straight into the $1 rebuy, event two of the PokerStars MicroMillions series. Incredibly Hallaert has got himself into the position where he could win more in the $1 rebuy than the €9,000 he picked up today.

ept madrid_day 3_kenny hallaert.jpg

Kenny ‘SpaceyFCB’ Hallaert

Hallaert, who plays under the screen name SpaceyFCB, is 4th with 15 players remaining from a starting field of 44,741. That’s some poker dedication for you. Although he’s only locked up $528, there is an incredible $17,421 for first.

If you want to see if Kenny can go all the way jump on the PokerStars client, and look for SpaceyFCB by clicking on ‘Find a player…’ under Requests.

Update: Hallaert is currently 2/8 at the final table.Check the MicroMillions coverage to find out if he went all the way.


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