EPT8 Madrid: Back to square one for Petersen

March 13, 2012


Two weeks ago Mickey Petersen was one in a million, well, one in 299, after winning EPT Copenhagen and a first prize of DKK2,515,000. Now he’s back to being one in 300, blending back into the crowd to start the ascent towards a second EPT title.

It may seem long ago now, when the poker world orbited for while around the picture of Petersen and Pierre Neuville, duelling heads-up for more than five hours. Now, feet firmly back on the ground, life goes on, in a surprisingly ordinary way.

“When you win something online its sitting in your cashier every time you register for a tournament – you actually see the money,” said Petersen, trying to put things in perspective. “Here it’s like you just get a cheque and you go down to the bank and stuff and you don’t think much of it. You see the trophy once in a while…”


Mickey Petersen

While this could all be remedied by the occasional trip to what you would imagine would be a happy-to-see-you bank manager, Petersen looks like the same player he did before his home win, admitting that it had yet to really sink in.

“I’m definitely going to play more live events just because I have a little more confidence doing it,” said Petersen, counting on new confidence that everyone else assumed he had years ago. “But overall it’s not going to change too much, it’s not like you’re going to see me in the 100k and stuff like that.”

So no Super High Rollers for Petersen, no extravagant gestures involving champagne wars, renting the top floor at hotels or wall papering his house with €50 notes. But surely the money meant something, the ability to be financially independent, or buy a shiny new sports car.

“Yeah, but I could buy a pretty nice car before too,” he said, with happy prudence. “Basically I don’t spend money in that way. It’s going to be nice if I have a house someday but right now it doesn’t change that much, except that I can play live events more freely I guess.”

Does he even have a car?

“No. I don’t even have a driver’s license.”

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