EPT8 Madrid: Are you the guy who checked the Royal Flush?

March 13, 2012


In his defence you don’t always look out for the hand you only had a one in 649,740 chance of getting in the first place. Regardless, for the first levels of the day Jason Duval was known as “the Royal Flush guy”, and not only that, “The guy who got a penalty for checking it on the river.”

Duval, who’s playing his first EPT after winning his seat on PokerStars, was still laughing about it at the first break of the day, a mistake that cost him next to nothing except a bit of embarrassment and level one blinds. The fact is you just don’t always expect a royal flush to come along.

“The flop came ace king jack,” said Duval. “I have king-queen of hearts and it’s a rainbow flop. So he (Simon Ravnsbaek) bets and I call. On the turn it comes a ten of hearts so I have the straight, the nuts, and the flush draw. He bet and I raised to make sure he got it in if he has queens. He smooth calls me.

“On the river came a jack of hearts, but in my brain all I see is that I have the nut flush,” said Duval. “But the board paired so I’m like, ‘he could have kings, aces or jack and tens and everything’. So I’m a bit scared.


Jason Duval

“He bets and I just smooth called because I didn’t realise I had a straight flush. You don’t always think I could have the straight flush there, I didn’t think I had a gutshot straight flush draw.”

For this Duval was given a penalty. Duval didn’t intend to soft play the river but the rule exists to prevent it and well, rules are rules. Duval didn’t object.

“I didn’t care,” said Duval, laughing. “It was one round penalty on the first round, it doesn’t matter a lot. It’s not like it was in the seventh round with an ante and everything.”


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