EPT8 Madrid: Adeniya takes out Ziyard, Latin America looks on

March 12, 2012


A Latin American fever swept Ivan Freitez to the EPT Grand Final title here in Madrid last year, and there appears to be plenty of South and Central Americans looking to follow in his footsteps. Prime among those players at the moment is Juan Jose ‘JC-TheGuide’ Chavez.

Chavez had found himself squashed between a trio of aggressive British players but was handling himself well. EPT Loutraki champ Zimnan Ziyard sat on his direct right, EPT London final table finisher Martins Adeniya and two-time WSOP bracelet winner JP Kelly occupied the two seats to his left. Chavez did not seem cowed, far from it. Despite all the odds dictating that one of the three Brits would be the most active at the table it was Chavez who appeared to be attacking every raise with a three-bet as well as being happy to get involved in post-flop play.

ept madrid_day 1a_juan jose chavez.jpg

Juan Jose Chavez

Ziyard managed to pin him back earlier after check-raising a 6♣4♦4♥ flop from 2600 to 6000, barrelling 5900 into the 5♥ turn and 8125 into the 10♦ river to get a fold, but he had still managed to get himself up to 100,000, partly thanks to the following hand against Kelly.

Kelly opened to 750 from early position and was called by Scott Desveaux (cut-off) and Chavez (big blind). A c-bet of 1300 into the Q♥4♥8♣ flop picked up two callers. Desveaux stepped out of the way on the 2♦ turn as Kelly fired a further 4200, Chavez called. The innocuous 3♠ dropped on the river and the Mexican tossed out two blue 5,000 chips, more than half of Kelly’s remaining stack. Kelly passed and was left muttering under his breath with a little under 20,000, Chavez now the table chip leader. Adeniya was not that far behind with around 80,000 and in a prime position to win – or lose – a big pot.

It was not Chavez, who claims dual Mexican and Argentinian nationality, that was the player to tangle with Adeniya. That job was left to Ziyard who had limp-punished up to 1000 from the cut-off (blinds at 150-300) and Adeniya flatted on the button.

Flop: 6♣10♥A♠
Ziyard c-bet 1200. Adeniya raised to 3600.

Turn: 6♣10♥A♠A♥
Ziyard check-called 7250.

River: 6♣10♥A♠A♥J♦
Ziyard led 8000 into the river and Adeniya quickly moved all-in covering Ziyard’s remaining 35,000. Adeniya sat still staring at the board while Ziyard, now looking slightly deflated, contemplated whether to call it off. He sat back riffling chips, staring at Adeniya who continued to sphinx.

“You got ace-ten, right?” probed Ziyard.

Adeniya didn’t move. Ziyard continued to stare then Adeniya decided to reach down for a bottle of water and took a swig. Were nerves showing? In previous EPTs Adeniya really hadn’t been one to show much, if anything.

ept madrid_day 1a_zimnan ziyard.jpg

EPT Loutraki champion Zimnan Ziyard

“Will you show?” Ziyard asked. “Come on, give me something.”

Ziyard rattled off a couple of hands which may be at the bottom of his opponent’s range. Adeniya nervously scratched his head, but it looked pretty contrived. Were fake tells entering the arena of play? It seems so.

ept madrid_day 1a_martins adeniya.jpg

‘He called with a six?’ Martins Adeniya (left) and JP Kelly after that big hand

Ziyard made the call and was shown A♣10♦ for a near nut full house. Ziyard’s 6♦4♦ hero call was an audacious one but after the dust had settled – and Ziyard had swiftly left for the exit – Adeniya was left with a stack of close to 130,000. Looks like it’s going to be another deep Season 8 run for Adeniya.


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