EPT8 Deauville: Kursevich monster chip leader, Kerignard and Than Trong both fall

February 06, 2012


Vadzim Kursevich now holds an enormous chip lead, staking his claim to the €875,000 EPT Deauville title. The Belarusian won a 17,540,000 pot crippling Vuong Than Trong in the process. Trong opened the button for 500,000 and Kursevich three-bet to 1,200,000 out of the small blind. Trong quickly moved all-in and the Belarusian made the call. Trong tabled A♥Q♠ and Kursevich showed K♠K♦. The board ran out 9♥9♠5♣4♠Q♥ giving Kursevich every single 100,000 blue plaque in play and putting the former chip leader in terrible shape with just 825,000 – less than four big blinds.

ept deauville_day 6_yorane kerignard.jpg

Yorane Kerignard, out in third (€260,000)

Two all-ins later, both times with queen-ten, both times with miracle rivers, Than Trong had got himself back up to 3,600,000. That put him in third above survivor Yorane Kerignard, the victim of his second double through, who was left with 1,725,000. Kerignard who had performed an incredible short stack display bust the next hand getting Q♠9♠ in against Kursevich’s K♣J♠ leaving three just three players; Than Trong and Paul Guichard very short stacked. Kerignard pockets €260,000.

ept deauville_day 6_vuong than trong.jpg

Vuong Than Trong, out in third (€328,000)

A few hands later and Trong shoved K♦10♠ for a little over three million and was called – and beaten – by Kursevich with A♣J♣ taking us heads up. Trong takes home €328,000

Kursevich – 23,145,000
Guichard – 3,365,000

This could be over very quickly. Follow the live updates as they happen.


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