EPT8 Copenhagen: Tricky Neuville prospers, Lodden lingers

February 22, 2012


Two Team PokerStars Pros sit side by side, one enjoying his time at the table, the other looking far from thrilled. On the left sits Pierre Neuville who appears, quite understandably, happy with his stack of some 220,000. On the right is Johnny Lodden, slumped with his left arm hooked around the back of his chair and nursing a 42,000 stack, which is somewhat less than the 110,000 chip average.

Lodden had just lost two small pots back to back; one passing to a three-bet pre-flop, the other to a bet on the flop. As Lodden put it himself: “Played really bad the last two levels…”

Enter Neuville. Helge Sternvang opened from middle position to 4,000 and Neuville three-bet to 11,000. Sternvang came back over the top for 28,000 and Neuville slowly made the call. Sternvang, who was left with around 47,000 behind, checked the 8♠K♦3♥ flop and Neuville bet 22,000. Sternvang passed queens face up. Neuville raked in the pot but declined to show his hand.

ept copenhagen_day 2_pierre neuville.jpg

Neuville opened the next pot to 4,000 and was called in the big blind before taking the pot down with a simple c-bet on a 2♠Q♥5♥ flop. The Belgian pro tabled A♥K♠, turned to Sternvand and said: “Eaxctly the same hand, nice eh?”

Really, Pierre? The Belgian does like to play games.


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