EPT8 Copenhagen: Petersen at the break…

February 25, 2012


After excusing himself for a quick trip to the gents, Mickey Petersen caught up with us at the last break; shortly after doubling up with aces (“It’s a good hand, yeah.”)

“Basically no matter what happens when you’re playing five handed the money is going in there,” said Petersen. “So really that’s just a cooler. If I had ace king against aces it plays out in the exact same way.

“There’s nothing anyone can ever do anything about that so I don’t really feel like any of my skill comes into play really, that’s just like a hand that goes down. But obviously it’s really nice to have some momentum and some chips to play with.”


Mickey Petersen

Does the double up mean a change of approach to the final?

“I was a little bit frustrated before that because I’d been getting really poor cards,” said Petersen. “Then I found kings in the big blind and three bet Ppierre and it just came like A-4-5 or something like that, with diamonds, and I didn’t have a diamond so I had to bet-fold. That was a little bit annoying. So I guess it does a little bit.”


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