EPT8 Copenhagen: O’Dwyer and Van Alphen fall, five players remain

February 25, 2012


American Steve O’Dwyer and Dutchman Niels van Alphen have has just busted in 7th (DKK 290,000) and 6th (DKK 390,000) respectively. O’Dwyer, who joins an elite group of players that have made two EPT final tables in a season, shoved his short stack shove in with A♦3♦ and was called by Aage Ravn’s A♥J♠.

Van Alphen, who had enjoyed two massive double ups, once with aces and once with kings, opened under-the-gun to 50,000 with A♥Q♥ and found action from Team PokerStars Pro Pierre Neuville in the big blind. The Belgian power house three-bet to 175,000 and Van Alphen shoved for 528,000. Neuville called with A♠K♣ and caught a king on river to confirm Van Alphen’s knock-out. Five players remain:

Seat 1: Bjarke Hansen, 1,710,000
Seat 2: Mickey Petersen, Team PokerStars Online, 1,548,000
Seat 3: Steve O’Dwyer, 356,000
Seat 4: Jacob Rasmussen, 1,238,000
Seat 5: Pierre Neuville, Team PokerStars Pro, 1,358,000
Seat 6: Aage Ravn, 2,996,000

ept copenhagen_day 5_steve odwyer.jpg

Steve O’Dwyer: two final tables, one wooly hat

Stay with our live updates or click through the EPT Live Lite coverage. O’Dwyer has joined James Hartigan and Matt Broughton in the commentary box.

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