EPT8 Copenhagen: Maestro Mølby looking to control the field

February 20, 2012


Poker has for many years opened its arms to former footballers. Teddy Sheringham has cashed multiple times on the EPT including a fifth place finishing in Vilamoura in Season 7. Other former footballers on the tour have included Thomas Brolin, Tony Cascarino, Stig Tofting and one Jan Mølby.

Mølby can’t go to a bar in Copenhagen without being mobbed by soccer fans. He also can’t meet English soccer fans without being asked “are you Jan Mølby?”, which fortunately for us he answers as if he’s known you for years and has been waiting to talk to you. What you do then is order a drink, sit back and listen to the stories.

For that Mølby is unrivalled. Here with his wife Mandy (who graciously allowed us to monopolise the conversation with our questions), the former Liverpool player, and Danish international, played in the 1980s during which Liverpool dominated what was then the old First Division. As a central defender and midfielder, Mølby, a superlative passer of the ball, was part of the side that won two League Championships, two FA Cup finals, all while totting up 33 senior appearances for his country.

That’s enough conversation for several drinks and an inevitable late night.

Mølby’s enthusiasm for football (a former manager he is now a commentator in Denmark and the UK), is as infectious as his desire to play poker, which he has done for years when time allows between football work.


Commanding the midfield at EPT Copenhagen: Jan Mølby

Still, it’s been some time since Molby has played a major event like this. Back in Season 2 Molby had his first EPT experience, although it was memorable for all the wrong reasons.
“I got kings in the first hand,” said Mølby, who speaks English with a scouse (Liverpool) accent. “But that was it.”

It was a frustrating event for the Dane, who has lived in England since his playing days at Liverpool, eventually running into the quads of Xuan Pham, who went on the finish ninth.
“I just never get any cards in big events ,” said Mølby, who, speaking last night, seemed itching to start playing. Now he is, taking a seat on day 1a in order to fulfil television commitments tomorrow night as he provides colour commentary on one of the Champions League games tomorrow.

We remain impartial, of course, but the schoolboys that we are would like to see him back at the tables on Wednesday morning.


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