EPT8 Copenhagen: Manson out of the frying pan into the fire

February 22, 2012


Break time is spent in one of a few ways; either on a cigarette break, a trip to the gents or talking over things with friends. I don’t like to interrupt a conversation, and I’m not going to the gents with a man. But I’ll let a man smoke, which is where I caught up with Alexander Manson.

Right now all eyes are on one particular table this afternoon, where chip leader Steve O’Dwyer sits alongside last year’s winner Michael Tureniec and Marcel Bjerkmann. In between them all sits Manson, making his first EPT appearance and playing his first major live tournament, and who returned sixth in chips at the start of the day.


Alexander Manson

“It went pretty good to start with,” said Manson, looking back on his day one. “I got some easy chips. People trying to bluff me and I happened to have a hand each time. I got pretty fast up to around 60,000. Then the break came and the run continued. I got up to 85,000 and in the fourth hour I got back to 32,000. Then I changed table and everything turned. I got up to 130,000 before the finish.

What was it that made the new table so good?

“The cards, I guess!”

Manson, 25, from Horsens in Jutland, looks like a man prepared to let everyone else do the talking while he sits back and takes it all in. An online pro, Manson plays live tournaments at local casinos, but nothing on this scale. Now, the man who qualified for $22, is in a good position to make a run for the money.

Some might baulk at a seat on the grown up table but Manson is relaxed enough to see ti as an opportunity.

“Money wise I guess it’s bad,” said Manson. “For experience stake I’m very happy with my table. Good chat and a good mood on the table. You’ve got to beat the good players to win an EPT. Better sooner than later.”


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