EPT8 Copenhagen: A glance at the day

February 20, 2012


EPT Copenhagen can be considered the poker purists stop of the tour. It sports a boutique field packed full of the most aggressive Northern European pro players, sprinkled with some pillagers from the UK and the rest of mainland Europe – a reverse of the traditional Viking invasions. The battles that have been fought over the baize here have been legendary and we’ll be taking a retrospective look at some of those final table clashes over the next few days. Dust off your pith helmet, grab your trowel and ready your metal detector, we’re going digging.

But for now, let us focus on today. Each player starts with 30,000 chips and are largely sat eight-handed beneath the high ceilings of the Radisson Blu Royal Hotel here in Copenhagen. The EPT structure was tinkered with just for Season 8, where the changes were well received at this season’s inaugural EPT Tallinn, the first event of the year. That 30,000 stack gives you 300 big blinds so there’s really little excuse for getting it in light in the first one-hour level.

Come the end of the day a starting stack will give you 50 big blinds, far from an endangered stack, but no doubt they’ll still be at least one player to suffer from some form of embolism and depart with their tail between their legs.

ept copenhagen_day 1a_soldiers.jpg

Line ’em up, knock ’em down

We’re playing eight one-hour levels today with the following structure.

Level 1: 50-100
Level 2: 75-150
Level 3: 100-200
Level 4: 100-200, ante 25
Level 5: 150- 300, ante 25
Level 6: 200-400, ante 50
Level 7: 250-500, ante 50
Level 8: 300-600, ante 75

Click on the link if you’d like to see the full European Poker Tour main event structure.

Players that sit high on the likely-to-end-the-day-as-chip-leader list include Allan Baekke, Theo Jorgensen and Sami Kellopuro (Scandi types), as well as Steve O’Dwyer, David Vamplew and Arnaud Mattern (non-Scandi types). Check out our live coverage for chips counts and action as it comes, just click on the tabs to flick between them.


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