EPT13 Prague: €50K Super High Roller final table updates

December 13, 2016

6:35pm: Carrel succumbs to Tsoukernik who wins the title on home soil
Level 22 – Blinds 60,000-120,000 (20,000 ante)

An all-in showdown was brewing, you could just smell it, and it ended with Charlie Carrel being eliminated as the runner up. A delighted Leon Tsoukernik is the Super High Roller champion, winning €741,100 and a shiny gold trophy. Carrel’s recent hot-streak continued but he fell one place short of victory and earned €535,250.

Carrel was unlucky on the last hand. He moved all-in for 1.39 million from the button and Tsoukernik called.

Tsoukernik: K♠J♠
Carrel: A♦K♦

The board ran 5♠6♠J♦5♥K♣ to make Tsoukernik two pair.

What a great day of poker that was and huge congratulations to all the finalists, especially the winner Leon Tsoukernik. A full wrap of all the day’s talking points can be found by clicking here.

6:25pm: All preflop right now
Level 22 – Blinds 60,000-120,000 (20,000 ante)

Charlie Carrel could only smile when he was given a walk when he had two black kings in the hole. Leon Tsoukernik thought it was hilarious and said it feels like a win.

Carrel then picked up pocket threes and moved all-in for 1.4 million. Tsoukernik had jack high and folded. Tsoukernik folded Q♦10♣ two hands later when Carrel moved in with K♦9♣. It’ll be interesting to see what hand Tsoukernik deems strong enough to take a showdown.

6:15pm: Carrel down to ten bigs
Level 22 – Blinds 60,000-120,000 (20,000 ante)

Leon Tsoukernik raised to 240,000 from the button holding J♥9♥ and Charlie Carrel peeled with 10♥9♠. The flop came 8♦A♠9♦ and Carrel check-called 425,000 to see the 2♠ appear on the turn. Tsoukernik bet 500,000 and was called again. The A♥ on the river prompted both players to check and Carrel dropped down further, to ten big blinds.

Carrel shoved the next hand holding K♥9♦ and Tsoukernik folded 9♥3♥ from the big blind.

6:10pm: Carrel tripped up
Level 22 – Blinds 60,000-120,000 (20,000 ante)

Leon Tsoukernik found A♥4♣ on the button and just called. Charlie Carrel looked down at red sevens in the big blind and checked. The flopped fanned a dangerous 8♠4♠4♦ and the action went check-check.

Carrel led on the 9♥ turn and Tsoukernik called before he bet 375,000 on the 2♦ river when the Brit checked to him. Carrel snapped him off and saw the bad news. He dropped to 2.5 million.

6pm: First three hands
Level 22 – Blinds 60,000-120,000 (20,000 ante)

Leon Tsoukernik raised to 260,000 with 10♣6c] on the first hand, and Carrel defended with 7♣8♠. The flop fell 6♥J♥J♣ and Carrel check-folded to a c-bet from Tsoukernik.

Carrel limped on the second hand and then jammed all-in for 2.72 million after Tsoukernik raised to 400,000. He made a wise fold as his A♥4♦ was in bad shape versus Carrel’s 4♠4♥.

Tsoukernik raised his button with 9♥5♥ and Carrel folded.

5:50pm: Heads up
Level 22 – Blinds 60,000-120,000 (20,000 ante)

It’s the heads-up duel we had all been hoping for: Leon Tsoukernik against Charlie Carrel. They have plenty of history in this event, and now they can scrap it out for the title. Here’s how they stack up:

Tsoukernik – 9.23 million
Carrel – 3.02 million


Leon Tsoukernik: Massive chip leader


Charlie Carrel: Heads up

And here’s the two of them together:


5:40pm: No Helppi for Juha, out in third
Level 22 – Blinds 60,000-120,000 (20,000 ante)

Juha Helppi looked like he wanted to go with the first hand back from break. Leon Tsoukernik opened with Q♣J♥ from under the gun and Helppi tank–folded Q♠3♠ from the big blind.

It was all over for him the next hand though. He open-shoved from the small blind and Tsoukernik called from the big blind.

Helppi: 10♥7♥
Tsoukernik: J♠10♠

The board ran 9♦Q♥A♣5♠2♠ and Tsoukernik’s hand held up. Helppi takes home €341,150–a sum big enough to put him top of the Finnish all-time money list, but not the title he was hoping for.

5:35pm: The trio return
Level 21 – Blinds 50,000-100,000 (10,000 ante)

The three remaining players are back in their seats and action is under way once more.

5:15pm: Break time
Level 21 – Blinds 50,000-100,000 (10,000 ante)

That’s the end of Level 21 and players are on a 20-minute break.

5:15pm: Three-handed counts
Level 21 – Blinds 50,000-100,000 (10,000 ante)

Here’s how they line up three-handed. As a vaguely interesting side-point, all of these three players re-entered the tournament, so have spent €100,000 to play.

Name Country Chips
Leon Tsoukernik Czech Republic 8,295,000
Charlie Carrel United Kingdom 3,210,000
Juha Helppi Finland 825,000

5:10pm: Viacheslav misses the podium, takes home €258,800
Level 21 – Blinds 50,000-100,000 (10,000 ante)

The entertaining Russian Viacheslav Buldygin has become the fourth place finisher, and will take home more than a quarter of a million euros for his three days of work. Charlie Carrel and he have built up a good relationship this week but this is business at the end of the day and the Brit did the damage.

Carrel opened from the button and then snap called after Buldygin three-bet all-in for 1.390 million.

Carrel: J♦J♥
Buldygin: J♠9♠

It was a horrible spot for Buldygin and he couldn’t find a way out as the board ran 4♦Q♣A♠A♦6♦. Carrel moved up to 3.510 million.

5:05pm: Carrel the first to double
Level 21 – Blinds 50,000-100,000 (10,000 ante)

Juha Helppi, Viacheslav Buldygin and Charlie Carrel were all short but the latter was cut adrift slightly at the bottom of the counts. Not any more. He just found a double up.

Carrel woke up with K♦K♣ under the gun and moved all-in for 965,000. Helppi looked down at A♦10♥ in the small blind and shoved as well, for 1.81 million. Leon Tsoukernik folded his big blind, so it was just the two of them.

The board ran 2♣9♠J♦2♥J♣, which was good for Carrel. He moves beyond 2 million, while Helppi drops down to an 8.5 big-blind stack.

4:55pm: Shove-fest
Level 21 – Blinds 50,000-100,000 (10,000 ante)

With a severely lop-sided dynamic (if this four-handed period was a coffee table, all the magazines would slide off it) the action is fairly predictable. The three short legs, belonging to Charlie Carrel, Juha Helppi and Viacheslav Buldygin, are moving all-in a lot. Leon Tsoukernik, who could knock any of them out, is not finding anything to call with.

Name Country Chips
Leon Tsoukernik Czech Republic 7.845 million
Juha Helppi Finland 1.76 million
Viacheslav Buldygin Russia 1.71 million
Charlie Carrel United Kingdom 965,000

4:35pm: All about the shoves
Level 21 – Blinds 50,000-100,000 (10,000 ante)

After a few shoves from Viacheslav Buldygin with no calls, Charlie Carrel wanted in on the action. He moved all-in for 1.215 million with K♣9♥ from under the gun and got Leon Tsoukernik to fold (showing the ace) A♥3♠ in the big blind.

Buldygin min-raised on the button holding A♠7♣ on the next hand. Tsoukernik called from the small blind with 9♥8♠ and Carrel called in the big with K♦7♦. The flop fanned 8♦4♥10♥ and Tsoukernik took down the move by moving all-in.

Juha Helppi opened to 200,000 from under the gun holding Q♠J♦ and was called by Carrel in the small blind with K♥J♣ before Buldygin squeezed all-in and forced folds from his two opponents.

And one more: Helppi shoved from the small blind with A♣8♣ and got Tsoukernik to fold the big blind, relinquishing his 10♦8♥.

4:20pm: Helppi doubles through Buldygin, again
Level 21 – Blinds 50,000-100,000 (10,000 ante)

Juha Helppi must be off Viacheslav Buldygin’s Christmas card list after he doubled through him for the second time today.

Helppi had A♣Q♦ and called all-in for 1,070,000 from the big blind after Buldygin shoved from the small blind. Buldygin opened J♦10♠ and, despite taking the lead, couldn’t hold as the board ran 9♥J♣2♠A♦2♥. Buldygin dropped to about 1.5 million after the hit.

4:10pm: Buldygin wins limped pot
Level 20 – Blinds 40,000-80,000 (10,000 ante)

Leon Tsoukernik and Charlie Carrel both had the same hand, allowing Viacheslav Buldygin to prosper. Tsoukernik called on the button with 8♠7♣, Carrel completed with 8♦7♦ and Buldygin checked with J♠9♣.

The flop came 5♥3♣J♣ and Tsoukernik bet 225,000 when the action was checked to him. Buldygin was the only caller and he check-called another 275,000 on the 6♣ turn. The 10♥ completed the board and Buldygin checked for a third time. Tsoukernik tanked but elected to check behind to hand the pot to Buldygin.

4:05pm: A few small ones
Level 20 – Blinds 40,000-80,000 (10,000 ante)

– The action folded to Charlie Carrel in the small blind and he moved all-in for 1.345 million with A♣6♥. Viacheslav Buldygin was in the big blind and had a decision with K♥J♣. He made a good fold after he had a brief chat with his friend/foe.

– Leon Tsoukernik woke up with J♠J♥ under the gun the next hand and he successfully took the blinds and antes with a raise.

– There were a couple on nothing hands after that, before Carrel moved all-in again. He did it from the button with A-J and both blinds folded.

K♠Q♥ was good enough for Tsoukernik to raise to 400,000 in from under the gun again. It was into Helppi’s big blind, and the Finn looked down at Q♣J♣, thought for a minute and folded.

3:50pm: Helppi folds before getting a lucky double
Level 20 – Blinds 40,000-80,000 (10,000 ante)

There was a bit of cheeky play from Leon Tsoukernik in this hand as he limped in with A♦K♦ from under the gun. Juha Helppi checked his option with J♠7♦ in the big blind and a 3♦Q♥Q♣ flop appeared. Helppi check-raised Tsoukernik 250,000 bet up to 500,000 but had to admit defeat and fold when he was shoved on.

Helppi wasn’t fooling around the next hand. He three-bet all-in for 490,000 from the small blind holding A♥2♠ after a button raise from Viacheslav Buldygin. Buldygin held A♣Q♥ and made an easy call before the board ran K♥2♦9♥2♥3♦ to make Helppi trips. Buldygin dropped to 1.920 million and Helppi moved up to 1.1 million.

3:45pm: More for Tsoukernik and a shove from Helppi
Level 20 – Blinds 40,000-80,000 (10,000 ante)

Leon Tsoukernik picked up A♥3♥ under the gun the very next hand and raised to 310,000. All opponents folded. And he got a walk the hand after that.

Then Juha Hellpi found A♥K♥ on the button and moved all-in for 940,000. He got no callers.

Tsoukernik took that hand off but he was back at it the next hand. He raised to 325,000 from the button and was called by Carrel in the small blind, who held K♣Q♠. The flop spread 2♠9♠10♦ and Carrel check-folded to a 325,000 c-bet.

3:40pm: Swings at the top
Level 20 – Blinds 40,000-80,000 (10,000 ante)

The two most recent pots–Viacheslav Buldygin eliminating Paul Newey and Leon Tsoukernik getting Charlie Carrel to pay him off–have changed the pecking order in the chip counts. Here’s how they stand now.

Name Country Chips
Leon Tsoukernik Czech Republic 6.77 million
Viacheslav Buldygin Russia 2.58 million
Charlie Carrel United Kingdom 1.9 million
Juha Helppi Finland 1 million

3:35pm: Tsoukernik wins huge with the worst hand in hold’em
Level 20 – Blinds 40,000-80,000 (10,000 ante)

Leon Tsoukernik has just picked up a big pot from Charlie Carrel in the kind of hand that would be greatly appreciated by the crazy cash-game players of Vegas and beyond. He had the mighty 7♣2♣.

Tsoukernik raised to 200,000 from the button with that monster and Carrel found A♣4♣ in the small blind and called. Viacheslav Buldygin also scented some pot odds and called from the big blind with Q♠6♦.

The flop hit only Carrel. It came A♥9♣5♠. But all three players checked. Then the 4♥ came on the turn and Carrel, with two pair, bet 325,000. Buldygin folded but Tsoukernik, with only a middle pin straight draw, called.


Leon Tsoukernik: Could you put this man on seven-deuce

The 3♠ hit Tsoukernik hard, and Carrel was immediately fearing that his opponent could have a deuce. “You play a lot of twos,” Carrel said.

Carrel bet 620,000 nonetheless, but was very quickly faced with a raise to 1.7 million. Carrel then went into the tank and talked almost non-stop at Tsoukernik. But in contrast with the other big pot these two played earlier, Tsoukernik said absolutely nothing. He remained silent and stared straight ahead.

“Leon, Leon, Leon,” Carrel said. “You’re so capable of this. That’s the problem.”

After about eight and a half minutes, Carrel called the clock on himself. He kept saying he wanted to pay him off, but also said, “You’ve just made so many of these river bluffs. It sucks. Anyone else, I just throw my hand away.”

As the clock ticked all the way down, Carrel eventually called, shipping the biggest pot of the tournament to Tsoukernik and sending the local casino owner high into the chip lead. Tsoukernik has about 6.62 million now. Carrel is down to 1.9 million.

3:20pm: Bad beat sends Newey out in fifth
Level 20 – Blinds 40,000-80,000 (10,000 ante)

Viacheslav Buldygin laid a bad beat at the feet of Paul Newey to send him home in fifth earning €200,000.

Buldygin opened to 165,000 with 8♠8♥ from under the gun and was called by Leon Tsoukernik holding 8♣4♣ before Newey squeezed all-in for 445,000 with 10♠10♥. Buldygin successfully isolated him by shoving behind and the cards were flipped up.

The board ran 7♠6♠10♣Q♥9♥ to make Buldygin a straight. It was unlucky finish for the Brit who has made three High Roller final tables in a row (this one and two at the recent ACOP in Macau).

viacheslav_buldygin __ept13_prague_day3_shr.jpg

A happy Viacheslav Buldygin

3pm: Back to it
Level 20 – Blinds 40,000-80,000 (10,000 ante)

Off they go again. The pressure is on Paul Newey and his five big blinds.

3pm: First break
Level 19 – Blinds 30,000-60,000 (10,000 ante)

That was the last significant action in Level 19 and players are now heading to their first 20-minute break of the day. Here are their stacks at the moment:

Leon Tsoukernik Czech Republic 4.675 million
Charlie Carrel United Kingdom 3.79 million
Viacheslav Buldygin Russia 2.12 million
Juha Helppi Finland 1.12 million
Paul Newey United Kingdom 545,000

2:55pm: Tsoukernik bluffs his way back into the lead
Level 19 – Blinds 30,000-60,000 (10,000 ante)

Juha Helppi woke up with two black 10s, good enough to raise to 150,000 from under the gun. Leon Tsoukernik called from the next seat with 4♠3♦ and an 8♦4♦2♥ flop appeared. Helppi continued for 175,000 and Tsoukernik called.

The turn was the A♦ and Helppi fired for 175,000 once more. Tsoukernik wasn’t going anywhere, in fact he raised to 425,000 with his pair, flush and straight draws. Helppi took a sip of water as he thought and then folded. That helped Tsoukernik back into the lead, whereas Helppi fell to 14 big blinds.

Helppi got the last of his chips in on the next hand, a three-bet jam over Charlie Carrel’s open. Helppi wanted a call. He had pocket jacks. But Carrel didn’t have enough to call him.

2:40pm: Carrel still in the mix
Level 19 – Blinds 30,000-60,000 (10,000 ante)

Juha Helppi opened from the cutoff with 2♠2♥ and Charlie Carrel defended his big blind with 6♦5♦. Both players checked the 6♥4♥7♥ flop before Carrel led for 175,000 on the 5♣ turn. Helppi folded.

Leon Tsoukernik found K♦6♦ in the cutoff the next hand and just limped. Carrel completed with J♥10♦ and Viacheslav Buldygin checked his option with 9♠3♣. All three checked the Q♣J♣9♣ flop before Carrel led out for 125,000 on the 9♥ turn. Buldygin was the only caller to K♣ river where the action was checked. Buldygin was very happy to take that one down.

2:35pm: Newey all-in and called
Level 19 – Blinds 30,000-60,000 (10,000 ante)

You can probably tell by the title that Paul Newey wasn’t eliminated on this hand. He didn’t double up either.

He moved all-in for 630,000 from under the gun holding A♣J♠ and found a customer in the shape of Juha Helppi. Helppi was in the small blind with A♠J♦ and the board ran K♦8♠10♥7♣7♥.

“Boring!” Newey said.

2:30pm: Is Newey’s strategy optimal?
Level 19 – Blinds 30,000-60,000 (10,000 ante)

The general consensus among the press room hacks is that Paul Newey is playing a little bit too tight given his chip stack at the moment and the overall table dynamic. However, he will point to a recent pot between Juha Helppi and Viacheslav Buldygin as evidence that tight is right.


Paul Newey: Staying alive

Buldygin completed from the small blind with A♦J♠ and Helppi took his option to raise, even though he had only 8♥2♦. Buldygin then jammed for 1.78 million and although Helppi folded, Newey will likely have noticed that his opponents are prepared to play for their stacks, even though he is so short.

2:25pm: Newey needs chips
Level 19 – Blinds 30,000-60,000 (10,000 ante)

Juha Helppi opened the pot with a button raise holding K♦J♦. Paul Newey defended with A♣5♣ with his short stack and then check-folded to a 75,000 c-bet on a J♥2♣2♦ flop. He dropped to only eight big blinds.

Newey found another Ace the very next hand but folded A♦3♣ to a button raise from Leon Tsoukernik.

He did get his chips in the next hand though. He open-shoved from the button with K♥10♣ and took the blinds and antes.

2:20pm: Carrel plays three on the trot
Level 19 – Blinds 30,000-60,000 (10,000 ante)

“You’d be a great James Bond villain,” Charlie Carrel said to Viacheslav Buldygin before he raised into his big blind with K♠10♦. The “villain” only had 9♦3♦ but elected to call and see a 6♦3♠5♥ flop.

Both players checked to the 6♥ turn and Buldygin led for 110,000. Carrell folded. It was villainous.

Carrel raised again the next hand with A♥6♠. It was from the button and both blinds folded.

Carrel picked up A♠3♠ on the next hand and raised to 120,000. Juha Helppi was in the small blind with 5♠5♦ and was the only caller. An A♣A♦10♦ flop appeared to hand Carrel trips and he continued for 125,000. Helppi made the correct check-fold.

2:10pm Eights good for Carrel
Level 19 – Blinds 30,000-60,000 (10,000 ante)

Two raises in a row from Juha Helppi, with mixed results. He raised with pocket fours off the button and took the blinds and antes, then raised with 9♦7♦ the very next hand. Carrel was in the big blind with 8♥8♥ and called to see a 3♣4♦10♦ flop appear. Helppi continued for 175,000 and Carrel check-called.

The turn was the 4♠ and both players checked to the 2♣ river. Carrel gathered chips and led for 350,000. Helppi made a quick fold and Carrel put some air between him and Leon Tsoukernik at the top of the counts.

2:05pm Tsoukernik back into the lead
Level 19 – Blinds 30,000-60,000 (10,000 ante)

Leon Tsoukernik woke up with a monster. He was in the cutoff with Q♣Q♠ and raised to 250,000–that’s bigger than your standard min-raise.

Paul Newey was in the next seat with A♠3♠ but managed to get away from it. Not so Carrel in the small blind. He called with K♣Q♥ and the flop came J♠J♣7♥.

Tsoukernik continued and Carrel check-folded. Tsoukernik re-took the chip lead (just) with that win. Here’s how they line up now:

Leon Tsoukernik Czech Republic 4.085 million
Charlie Carrel United Kingdom 3.88 million
Juha Helppi Finland 2.050 million
Viacheslav Buldygin Russia 1.52 million
Paul Newey United Kingdom 695,000

1:50pm: Buldygin wins his first pot of the day
Level 18 – Blinds 25,000-50,000 (5,000 ante)

Viacheslav Buldygin woke up with A♣6♣ on the button and soon knew he was going to get a customer in Juha Helppi. Helppi put on his sunglasses and called with 7♦7♣. Leon Tsoukernik called with K♣9♥ in the small blind and, after Paul Newey folded, a 10♥6♥4♥ flop was delivered.

Buldygin continued for 125,000 and managed to get Helppi and Tsoukernik to fold. That was the last hand of the level.

1:45pm: Thomas goes first on the final day, earns €152,915
Level 18 – Blinds 25,000-50,000 (5,000 ante)

The action folded around to Charlie Carrel in the small blind and he set Julian Thomas all-in for his last 420,000 holding K♥9♥. The German player looked down at Q♥J♦ and made a quick call all-in.

“I thought I was way ahead,” Thomas said. “It was a value call.”


Julian Thomas: Out in sixth

The board ran 5♣8♣A♣K♣9♠ meaning Thomas was drawing dead by the turn. Carrel moved up to 4.3 million, while Thomas heads to the payouts desk looking for €152,915.

1:35pm: Carrel the bluffer gets one through Tsoukernik
Level 18 – Blinds 25,000-50,000 (5,000 ante)

Here’s a wonderful hand that played out between the two chip leaders, full of chit-chat back and forth and ending with a gutsy bluff getting through. Charlie Carrel and Leon Tsoukernik have some history in this event when they exchanged less friendly words on Day 1. But this was good natured, even if Tsoukernik is not going to like watching the repeat.

Juha Helppi opened the pot in question to 125,000 from the cutoff with A♦8♦ before the action was on Tsoukernik in the next seat. He held A♥9♠ and put in a three-bet to 325,000. Carrel was in the big blind and woke up with 10♥10♦. He thought and then just called. Action back on Helppi and decided to leave the chip leaders to it.

The flop came 8♠4♥Q♠. “Big pot, small pot – it’s up to you,” Carrel said, starting the conversation that would last for another ten minutes.


Charlie Carrel: Brilliant bluff

Both players checked to the J♠ turn where Carrel led for 275,000. Tsoukernik had a flush draw to go with his Ace but he was still a 72 percent underdog. Tsoukernik called and hit his flush as the river was the K♠.

Tsoukernik told Carrel he can pass blind if he wants and the two then began a long exchange about what Carrel should do. The Brit decided all by himself to bet 650,000, admitting that he was risking looking silly on television by doing so, but that put Tsoukernik into the tank.

Carrel continued nattering; a stream-of-consciousness that seemed to confuse Tsoukernik even as they were running through possible hands that each of them could have. Carrel said then that he was talking too much and managed to stay quiet for (at least) 20 seconds.

“For the chip lead,” Carrel said, reminding Tsoukernik of the significance. “I tend to get there on the river, it’s kind of my style!”

Tsoukernik took several minutes–closing in on six minutes–before Carrel called the clock. That move worked. Tsoukernik folded and Carrel took over the chip lead with 3.8 million. Tsoukernik dropped to 3.6 million.

1:20pm: Helppi wins in position
Level 18 – Blinds 25,000-50,000 (5,000 ante)

Charlie Carrel entered the fray with an under-the-gun raise to 125,000 with K♠J♦. Juha Helppi called on the button with Q♣10♣ and Leon Tsoukernik came along for the ride in small blind holding A♦7♦.


Juha “Top Gun” Helppi

A 6♥9♠Q♥ flop was enough for Carrel to continue for 190,000 and Helppi called with his top pair. Tsoukernik ducked out of the way after a tank and the 9♥ appeared on the turn. Carrel slowed to a check and faced a 125,000 bet from Helppi. Fold.

1:15pm: The next three hands
Level 18 – Blinds 25,000-50,000 (5,000 ante)

On the second hand of the day, Leon Tsoukernik raised to 175,000 from the cutoff with A♣7♥ and got Julian Thomas thinking in the big blind with K♣8♣. The two engaged in conversation and it seemed enough to convince Thomas to wait for a better spot. “I have an incredibly strong hand,” Tsoukernik cautioned.

The local man was at it again on the third hand, raising to 150,000 with A♥3♠. He took the blinds and antes.


Leon Tsoukernik: TV star

Two aces in the blinds in the third hand in this update. Viacheslav Buldygin completed from the small blind with A♣8♥ and Juha Helppi checked his option with A♥4♥. The flop fell 2♥2♦7♣ and Buldygin led for 55,000. Helppi raised to 150,000 but could not shift his opponent, who called. The turn was the 9♦ and both players checked. The J♥ completed the board and it went check-check again. Chop it up.

1:05pm: Three-way action on the first hand
Level 18 – Blinds 25,000-50,000 (5,000 ante)

Viacheslav Buldygin opened to 105,000 from UTG+1 and he was called by Leon Tsoukernik on the button and Charlie Carrel in the big blind.

The flop came 2♦K♦7♦ and Buldygin continued for 125,000 with his A♣9♦. Tsoukernik folded his A♥10♦ and Carrel did likewise with his Q♥10♥. First blood to Buldygin, who pushed out one better hand. — MC

1pm: Play getting under way
Level 18 – Blinds 25,000-50,000 (5,000 ante)

Players are in their seats and the cameras are now on. We still have about 45 minutes left in Level 18 and they’re going to get cracking immediately. Off we go! — HS


Final table players: Back row (l-r): Leon Tsoukernik, Juha Helppi, Viacheslav Buldygin, Paul Newey. Front row (l-r): Julian Thomas, Charlie Carrel

12pm: Time to crown a champion

Good afternoon all and welcome back to Prague. We’re playing to a winner today in the €50,000 Super High Roller tournament, and the man in the box seat is truly a super high roller. Leon Tsoukernik is best known as a poker-loving, art dealing, casino owning businessman, but today he is the chip leader in one of the richest poker tournaments held in this region.

Only six players are left in the hunt for the €741,100 first prize. Here’s how they line up:

Final Table Country Chips
Seat 1 Leon Tsoukernik Czech Republic 4,330,000
Seat 2 Paul Newey United Kingdom 955,000
Seat 3 Charlie Carrel United Kingdom 3,565,000
Seat 4 Julian Thomas Germany 535,000
Seat 5 Viacheslav Buldygin Russia 1,230,000
Seat 6 Juha Helppi Finland 1,615,000

There’s a lot of quality in there.


Charlie Carrel, left, faces off against Leon Tsoukernik

Here’s a reminder of what they are playing for:

1     €741,100
2     €535,250
3     €341,150
4     €258,800
5     €200,000
6     €152,915

There’s a lot of money in there.

Play begins at around 12:30pm, but we’re reporting based on the EPT Live feed, which has a security delay. Cards will be in the air on the broadcast at around 1pm. You can watch the action on PokerStars.tv.

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PokerStars Blog reporting team on the €50K Super High Roller: Marc Convey and Howard Swains. Photography by Neil Stoddart. Follow the PokerStars Blog on Twitter: @PokerStarsBlog


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