EPT12 Malta: Jaroslaw Sikora takes top spot at the end of Day 1B

October 26, 2015

Let’s cut to the chase. All we can really say about Day 1B is that it is now over, and that the great crowd of players that played it still resemble a great crowd of players eight levels later.

ludovic_riehl_wrap_26oct15.jpgDay 1B big stack: Ludovic Riehl
There were stories within it, explanations as to why one player will return for day two tomorrow while others won’t. But in the end it was about that crowd: 460 players strong at the start, down to 286 at the finish, and led by one man, Jaroslaw Sikora, with a stack of 153,700.

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The man from Poland bags up the lead tonight, slightly behind Carmelo Crucitti who led last night with 163,000, but his was a good performance over eight levels today.

Others could claim similar success, including Ludovic Riehl, Faraz Jaka and Ari Engel.

Jaka won the Super Tuesday earlier this month, explaining how he did it to the PokerStars Blog while in a shared Airbnb rental in Berlin surrounded by roommates who wanted to know how he did it. They would have had another good show watching him today.

faraz_jaka_wrap_26oct15.jpgFaraz Jaka (left)
Jaka is famous for living out of a suitcase (actually two carry-on bags), which is something Engel can appreciate. He too is a constant traveller. As he told the Blog today he has had no fixed abode for the past three years. He lives this game and it shows.

ari_engel_wrap_26oct15.jpgAri Engel
Here’s who’ll be returning for day two tomorrow.

Name Country Status Chips
Jaroslaw Sikora Poland PokerStars Player 153,700
Ludovic Riehl France 150,000
Jens Lakemeier Germany PokerStars qualifier 138,000
Przemyslaw Piotrowski Poland PokerStars qualifier 136,000
Mikael Jean Lebanon Live satellite winner 123,900
Faraz Jaka USA PokerStars qualifier 120,900
Ari Engel USA PokerStars player 109,000
Gaspare Triolo Italy 103,200
Khorshid Sakhra Germany PokerStars qualifier 103,200
Dominik Nitsche Germany 98,000
Stefan Vagner Slovakia 97,600
Hossein Ensan Germany 95,100
Ilan Boujenah France PokerStars player 92,600
Patrick Leonard UK PokerStars player 92,200
Mike McDonald Canada PokerStars qualifier 88,900
Chris Hunichen USA 87,300
Johnny Lodden Norway Team PokerStars Pro 87,200
Lucas Greenwood Canada PokerStars qualifier 79,600
Dietrich Fast Germany PokerStars player 77,100
Tom Hall UK PokerStars qualifier 76,700
Marcin Horecki Poland Team PokerStars Pro 76,500
Billy Chattaway UK 71,900
Kitty Kuo China PokerStars qualifier 71,800
Joao Vieira Portugal PokerStars qualifier 69,300
Sam Greenwood Canada 68,200
Carlo Citrone UK 67,600
Simon Trumper UK 66,400
Kent Lundmark Sweden PokerStars qualifier 62,300
Steven van Zadelhoff Netherlands PokerStars player 56,400
Govert Metaal Netherlands PokerStars player 56,100
Sofia Lovgren Sweden PokerStars player 49,300
Ben Dobson UK PokerStars qualifier 49,000
Carlos Chadha Canada PokerStars qualifier 48,100
Alex Lindop UK PokerStars qualifier 48,000
Ismael Bojang Austria PokerStars player 45,000
Paul Berende Netherlands PokerStars qualifier 44,700
Mickey Petersen Denmark Team PokerStars Pro Online 43,700
Davidi Kitai Belgium 43,100
Max Silver UK 43,100
Dara O’Kearney Ireland PokerStars player 42,100
Igor Kurganov Russia 40,000
Jeffrey Hakim Lebanon PokerStars qualifier 39,725
Jonathan Little USA PokerStars player 37,300
Salvatore Bonavena Italy 35,800
Manig Loeser Germany PokerStars player 32,600
Shannon Shorr USA PokerStars player 32,000
Michael Tureniec Sweden PokerStars qualifier 29,800
Kevin MacPhee USA 27,200
David Peters USA PokerStars qualifier 27,000
Antoine Saout France 26,900
Gaelle Baumann France 24,700
Dan Smith USA 21600
Matthias De Meulder Belgium Team PokerStars Pro 20,100
Anton Wigg Sweden PokerStars qualifier 18,300
Christopher Brammer UK PokerStars qualifier 17,400
Liv Boeree UK Team PokerStars Pro 16,900
Matas Cimbolas Lithuania PokerStars qualifier 10,300

The defeated from today don’t get a table, but they do get a list.

Luca Pagano led the slow procession to the rail, busting first today. He would be followed by many others, including Rasmus Vogt, Fatima Moreira de Melo, Andre Akkari, Benny Spindler, ElkY, Jean Montury (complete with “lucky” Maltese Cross tattoo), Mustapha Kanit, Nick Petrangelo and Pier Paolo Fabretti.

There is still action to follow into the night, with the Single Day High Roller, fast becoming a contradiction in terms, playing on into the early hours with the intention of finding a winner. There’s only one way to find out if that event does exactly what it says on the tin – follow updates here.

The main event now pauses for the night, restarting tomorrow at 12 noon. Join us then.

NEIL5990_EPT12MAL_Tournament_Room_Neil Stoddart.jpg

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Stephen Bartley is a staff writer for the PokerStars Blog.


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