EPT12 Malta: Late night side event update

October 24, 2015


Sabina Hiatullah: Leading the way in the women’s event

It is just edging past 11pm in Malta but the two tournament floors are still abuzz with activity. While the €25,000 High Roller plays on either to the end of level 16 or until eight players remain (whichever is sooner), the two neighbouring tournaments have plans to go until the bitter end.

At the time of starting this post, there were nine players left in the €200 Women’s Event, of whom only seven were due to be paid. But on second glance, they were down to seven already, and then six, as Sabine Hiatullah’s dominance pushed them through the bubble.

The tournament is exceptionally shallow now, with blinds of 1,500-3,000 and Hiatullah leading with about 140,000. The average stack is only 80,000, or 26 big blinds, so a resolution will come sooner rather than later.

Jennifer Shahade is once again in the money. She has one of the shorter stacks of the five left, but is by far the most experienced of the remaining players.


Jennifer Shahade: Into the money for the Red Spade

Only a few paces across the tournament floor, the quintuple stud is down to its last eight players, with five due to be paid. Ben Dobson, the British pro, is leading, but there’s still a lot of play in that one.

The players went off for a dinner break and have only just returned. It is slow going in stud and Thomas Stacha, one of our photography team, reckons it won’t be done until about 3am. Stacha knows about these things. He is very frequently to be seen in hotel breakfast buffets on his way to bed after finishing the graveyard shift at EPT poker festivals.

Let’s see if he’s right tonight.

In the downstairs tournament room, the Malta Cup and the €2,000 IPT High Roller continue on. The Malta Cup will play until around 2am, or to a final table. There’s practically no chance of the latter–there are still 40 remaining–so that one will be finishing by the clock.

We will pick up more in depth action from tomorrow, the day on which they will crown a champion.

Meanwhile the IPT has 110 of its 403 starters remaining, and the plan to play to the end of level 15. That will come at 12.15am and will leave them the arduous task of playing to a winner tomorrow as well.

There’s still a really high-quality cast of characters remaining in that one, including the Team PokerStars Pros Luca Pagano, Theo Jorgensen and Leo Margets, as well as the likes of Steve O’Dwyer, Dylan Linde, Mohsin Charania and Ivan Luca. Similarly, we’ll watch that one in more depth tomorrow.


Steve O’Dwyer: From one high roller to another


Theo Jorgensen: Whiling away the hours before the cash games

And if all that isn’t enough, the hyper-turbo is just getting under way. It’s lucky the clocks go back tonight…

Everything about EPT Malta is on the main EPT Malta page. More specifically, all the hand-by-hand coverage of the €25,000 High Roller is on the €25,000 High Roller page and everything from the IPT Main Event is on the IPT Main Event page.

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