EPT12 Malta: Kenney makes a better start today

October 28, 2015

Bryn Kenney started Day 2 with 91,100 and ended it with 95,000. Not ideal, but a profit is a profit, right? On paper it looks like he had a pretty boring day but those 4,900 chips can tell a story.

The PokerStars Blog featured Kenney and his table during the opening level of play yesterday and the piece featured him dropping below 30,000 chips. To the outside world, it looked as if the wheels were coming off but a man with over $6 million in live cashes has been through tougher times than losing two-thirds of a Day 2 stack early on.

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Kenney rewards himself with a massage
When we passed his table later in the day, Kenney had around 160,000 in front of him. “I was as low as 22,000,” he mused. “Then got it all the way back up to 180,000 before I got set-over-setted and lost 90,000 chips off my stack.”

The roller-coaster theme would continue for Kenney all day. Speaking to the blog today, he said, with a smidgen of irony, “Fun day! Lots of big pots. I was on the wrong end of all the big pots though, unfortunately.”

Kenney paused as he was dealt cards under-the-gun. He peaked at them and raised the 3,000 big blind up to 7,000. The action folded around to Antonio Mitrotta in the blind who said, “It’s all yours” as he flashed the K♥.

“One better!” replied Kenney as he did his opponent a favour by showing the A♥.

Kenney swivelled around in his chair and, referring to yesterday again, grinned while saying, “Big pots, many right hero calls worked for me.”

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Kenney early on Day 2
It sounded like he had to do it the hard way yesterday and getting through something like that can be very satisfying. It’s where the skill part of the game of poker comes into play. Yes, he would’ve liked to end on a lot more but how many mere mortals could have done better in exactly the same circumstances?

The action folded around to Mitrotta in the small blind and he completed. Kenney applied pressure by raising up to 8,000 and Mitrotta folded to him once more. The two joked about how that would’ve been a good spot to limp-raise, given the Italian’s recent image. The chance had passed though and new cards were dealt.

Koray Aldemir opened the pot with a raise to 7,000 but made a quick fold when Kenney three-bet to 19,500. That small win helped Kenney up to 180,000, his joint high point in the tournamnet and nearly double what he started the day with.

Kenney can be found on table four right now but he started on table 17 and, before it broke, managed an early double up. He called all in with ace-queen after an opponent four-bet enough to set him in, a scenario very similar to a big pot in the first level yesterday. Luckily for him, his opponent didn’t have him dominated this time. His pocket sixes were ahead but a flopped ace soon saw them wither.

Kenney made the first break in a good place mentally and chip-wise and is in a good spot to make the money. The top 95 get paid and 105 players remain.


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