EPT12 Malta: Hop, jump or a skip to the 10 Game

October 27, 2015


Jason Mercier: Hopping between events

For about a long as poker tournaments have existed, players have responded to elimination by “jumping in” something else: the sea (from the top of a cliff) was a popular choice, or a gallon of whiskey at least.

These days, thanks to the fact that EPT festivals boast numerous tournaments, starting at all times of the day, players can bust one event and jump straight into another. Let Jason Mercier’s Twitter feed today be a case in point.

“Busted the #EPTMalta main event … JJ < 55 all in pre. 5 in the window. Might hop in this 5k 10 game event…” he said today, opting for a fashionable “hop” over a “jump” this time.

But even that eventually turned into a “skip”. After discovering that the field was only nine players strong, Mercier opted to give it a miss. There were other options, including no poker at all.

Even without Mercier involved, the €5,000 10-Game is the main attraction (aside from the Main Event) this afternoon. Theo Jorgensen, Vladimir Troyanovskiy, Benjamin Pollak, Jussi Nevalinna and Adam Owen were among the nine who started, but Troyanovskiy and Nevalinna were two of the first three out.

They went down to a final table of seven, which required a bit of rejigging in the tournament room. Eventually they settled, with Jorgensen in seat four, in the centre of the table, which was the perfect location for someone intent on leading conversation.

The 10-Game is a rotation between 2-7 triple draw, limit hold em, Omaha 8, limit badugi, razz, stud, stud 8, no limit hold ’em, pot-limit Omaha and 2-7 single draw and that in itself presents a few difficulties for all concerned. After they had drawn for seats, for instance (something that happens all the time) they had to figure out what game they were going to play, and had to “draw for the game”.

The dealer riffled, shuffled, cut and dealt a six face up, which meant they would play the sixth game in the rotation, which happened to be stud.

Although it is creeping back on to festival schedules, stud is still relatively scarce in modern tournament rooms and not everyone was as familiar with it as Jorgensen. The Danish Team PokerStars Pro was fortunately on hand to tell everybody who needed to pay the bring in, and then to “compliment” Sampo Ryynanen on his decision to raise with the 10♠ showing.

“A genius move,” Jorgensen said. “I’m gonna have to re-raise.” Jorgensen, with the 5♦ up, did so and, after everyone else folded, Ryynanen called.

Ryynanen and Jorgensen continued to bet as they saw the J♠2♦ (Jorgensen) and the 2♠A♠ (Ryynanen). But Jorgensen eventually folded when Ryynanen raised fourth street.


Theo Jorgensen (pictured in the Main Event)

It is difficult to know how long it will take for this one to play to a winner, but it will be done by the end of today for sure. The winner will earn €21,825, with the runner up getting €13,075 and third paying €8,730.

In the same tournament room, the latest €2,000 NLHE turbo is playing out, with Jake Cody and Andrew Chen among the 92 players. Thirteen of them will be paid.

Everything about EPT Malta is on the main EPT Malta page. More specifically, all the hand-by-hand coverage of the Main Event is on the Main Event page and everything from the side events is on the side events page.

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