EPT12 Malta: Dvoress staring day five in the face

October 29, 2015

With the departure of Mike McDonald earlier today a vacancy opened up for a player prepared to stare down their opponents relentlessly, and to great effect. Applications were received with the position being offered to Daniel Dvoress, who has taken to the role with aplomb.

As big names have crashed out around him Dvoress has managed to maintain an even keel – quite literally. His chips stack is around average, and he sits on one of those saddle things that aids posture and gives him another couple of inches height at the table. His clothes are neat, his hair has a sharp parting. Dvoress seems to be riding high.

daniel_dvoress_malta12_29oct15.jpgDaniel Dvoress

First a hand against Antonio Chemi, who got the stare and wilted under it. Dvoress soon deployed it again, this time against Darrell Goh with similar results.

Then came a hand against Ferdinand Le Pichon.

Dvoress raised from the button. His bets and raises are done in the same way. He dumps a pile of chips into the middle then nudges them with his finger, toppling them, as if vandalising a domino display.

From the big blind Le Pichon, holding Q♥J♠ called for a Q♦10♣6♠ flop. It was checked to Dvoress who bet 45,000 and stared back at Le Pichon. He then checked for a 6♥ turn card. Another check and another bet from Dvoress, 105,000 this time.

Le Pichon, with his hand over his mouth, thought for a moment, trying to avoid the glare of Dvoress. He propped his sunglasses on his forehead and looked at the board. He had top pair all right, but what did Dvoress have?

He called for a 10♥ river card. Pretty soon he was about to find out. He checked. Dvoress checked too. Le Pichon turned over his cards. “I have a queen,” he said. It looked good.

But Dvoress, saying nothing, also had a queen, and an ace to go with it. LePichon could only tap the table as the chips were pushed Dvoress’s way.

Dvoress is now up to more than a million, which is a little above average. But in many ways he’s looking sharp right now, and on course for Day 5, with 20 players remaining.

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Stephen Bartley is a staff writer for the PokerStars Blog.


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