EPT12 Malta: Alexander Ivarsson seals end of Day 2 lead

October 27, 2015

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Alexander Ivarsson leads the way
Sometimes the best things come in small packages. Take Day 2 of an EPT Main Event for example. It may only be 75 percent of the length of its Day 1 brethren (six levels rather than eight) but it sure does pack a punch.

After six last-minute entrants joined the party before play started, 393 remaining players took their seats at midday for Day 2 of the EPT Malta Main Event.

At the end of the six 75-minute levels (levels go to 90 minutes apiece from tomorrow onwards) that number had been whittled all the way down to around 135 (tbc). That’s short of the 95 that get paid, a milestone that will be reached before the third level of Day 3.

Alexander Ivarsson, a 27-year old professional from Sundsvall, Sweden, had a dream-like day at the tables and ended it with 529,200 chips. At the end of play he spoke to the Blog:

“Well, I got it in with aces a couple of times and that obviously helps and I’ve been drawing really good as well,” Ivarsson said. “First I got in aces to ace-ten on a ten-eight-deuce flop and that was for a 180k pot. I’ve got to be honest, I didn’t lose too many pots – I kept winning pots and had a solid cruise through the day.”

He added: “I obviously got myself in some really good spots and got aces against two people again. One of the guys was already all in for 40,000 so I was getting some easy chips and had to win some as well.”

He leads a big stack/notable list heading to Day 3 that looks like:

Name Country Status Chips
Alexander Ivarsson Sweden PokerStars player 529,200
Samuli Sipila Finland 466,500
Erik Scheidt Germany PokerStars player 447,700
Giulio Spampinato Italy 406,500
Faraz Jaka USA PokerStars qualifier 375,200
Pawel Brzeski Poland PokerStars qualifier 372,100
Andreas Chalkiadakis Greece 358,600
Farid Jattin USA 334,700
Daniel Dvoress Canada PokerStars qualifier 321,100
Mike McDonald Canada PokerStars qualifier 314,200
Enrico Camosci Italy PokerStars player 314,000
Alfie Adam UK 283,700
Niall Farrell UK PokerStars player 280,000
Kitty Kuo China PokerStars qualifier 264,900
Chistoph Vogelsang Germany 240,300
Ivan Luca Argentina PokerStars qualifier 214,800
Dan Smith USA PokerStars qualifier 214,200
Thomas Muehloecker Austria PokerStars qualifier 209,200
Govert Metaal Netherlands PokerStars player 207,100
Dominik Nitsche Germany 167,700
Sam Greenwood Canada PokerStars player 163,400
Antoine Saout France 149,600
Shannon Shorr USA PokerStars player 149,000
Brian Roberts USA PokerStars player 146,000
Ludovic Geilich UK 143,300
Jeffrey Rossiter Australia PokerStars qualifier 116,900
Chris Hunichen USA 113,900
Marcin Wydrowski Poland PokerStars qualifier 113,400
Isaac Haxton USA Team PokerStars Pro Online 106,500
Johnny Lodden Norway Team PokerStars Pro 102,400
Mohsin Charania USA PokerStars qualifier 98,400
Steve O’Dwyer Ireland PokerStars player 98,100
Bryn Kenney USA PokerStars qualifier 95,000
Max Silver UK 85,300
Joni Jouhkimainen Finland PokerStars qualifier 76,800
Davidi Kitai Belgium 70,700
Paul Berende Netherlands PokerStars qualifier 53,000
Matthias De Meulder Belgium Team PokerStars Pro 45,600
Adrian Mateos Spain PokerStars qualifier 45,000

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Mike McDonald starred on the live stream today
As stated, registration closed at the beginning of play today and €3,157,350 was collected from the 651 players. A min cash will get you €9,320 but, if all the players are honest, it doesn’t take long for their eyes to pan upwards to see what they can get from making the final and maybe, just maybe, following in Jean Montury’s footsteps. A cool €602,400 awaits the winner and the final table payouts are as follows:

1 € 602,400
2 € 371,930
3 € 265,840
4 € 203,640
5 € 161,340
6 € 125,660
7 € 91,550
8 € 62,570

Five 90-minute levels are scheduled for tomorrow with a 20-minute break after every level. The rest of the evening will be dominated by the media tournament, where we’ll be trialling the four-colour deck (pictured below). The prize pool for it may be small, but the bragging rights are priceless. PokerStars Blog hopes to return tomorrow with news of a victory.

Everything about EPT Malta is on the main EPT Malta page. More specifically, all the side event coverage can be found here.

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