EPT12 Barcelona: A small pre-dinner skirmish and a triple for Marc-Andre Ladouceur

August 25, 2015


Team Online’s Marc-Andre Ladouceur. Make mine a triple

David Lappin knows a good story. He originates from the home of some fine literary stock and has more than just dabbled in a little screenwriting and journalism over the years.

“You looking for a story?” he said, watching an aimless tournament reporter amble past, killing a bit of time before the dinner break.
“Have you got one?” said the waif.
“Not really. It’s just a bit of a wild table,” Lappin said.

As if to prove the point, Javier Garcirreynaldos Biarral (did Joyce himself name this guy?) opened a pot, making it 900 to go.

Seeking confirmation of the bet size, Lappin called from the cut off, which tempted both blinds into the pot as well. One of those, Marc-Andre Ladouceur, in the big blind, came along in the most emphatic fashion, with a shove all in for about 11,000.

Biarral, who had slightly more than 25,000 didn’t just call. He shoved all in over the top of Ladouceur. Lappin, who had just north of 50,000, didn’t seem to like what he saw, but he moved all in as well. After the small blind folded, Lappin said, “I didn’t want to play this like this,” and flipped over A♦K♦.

But he was in pretty good shape. Ladouceur said, “I hope you both have that,” and showed 10♣10♦. But Biarral was in dire straits with his A♣9♣.

The dealer didn’t hang around, burning through a board of 5♠2♦6♣5♥3♥, which sent Biarral packing. Lappin paid off Ladouceur’s shove, but then got it back (with a little bit extra) from the side pot he won from Biarral.

“You guys all happy?” Ladouceur said, like a pilot reassuring his passengers after bumping through some turbulence. “Same crew all here?”

Biarral was gone but the others were happy. Lappin stacked up slightly more than 50,000 again, while Ladouceur had three times what he had before and is now above his starting stack for the first time in a while.

And the aimless stray got his story as well.

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