EPT11 Prague: Begin the busiest day at the EPT Prague Poker Festival

December 11, 2014

Throughout the course of its 11 seasons, the European Poker Tour has undergone enormous transformation. Time was that we would shuffle into a city on Friday, play a couple of very long days’ poker, then head home again by Monday, the end of a very brief mini-break.

These days, however, things are vastly more busy – and today in Prague it will be raised a notch further still. In one corner of the tournament room, the record-breaking Eureka Poker Tour main event will play to its winner; in another, the €50,000 Super High Roller reaches its conclusion; the record-breaking Eureka High Roller plays Day 2; and in between, the players from Day 1A of the €5,000 Main Event convene to play their first eight levels.

It will arguably be the busiest day ever known on this tour.


The hordes arrive to the EPT Prague Poker Festival

With a bit of juggling, and by opening a few tabs in the browser, you should be able to follow all of it on PokerStars Blog. The best place to start is the main EPT Prague page, on which you should glance at the widget on the right of the page.

From there you can navigate to the Eureka Prague page, the Super High Roller page and the Main Event page.


Leonid Markin leads the Super High Roller final table

On those latter two pages, take a look a the panel at the top for blow-by-blow action, including chip counts, and then feature pieces below that. Enjoy.

Play begins at noon (or thereabouts) local time in all of the events. And matters will likely come to a close at around midnight, when the Main Event will wrap for the day. The other two final tables should be long finished by then.

Whet your appetite for the action with a glance at how the Super High Rollers finished last night and where we’re at in the Eureka event. Then take a look back at how Julian Track prevailed here in the Main Event last year. He’s the man they’re all trying to emulate this time around.


Roll up, roll up: Tickets for the Main Event


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