EPT11 Malta: Zapatero and Aido keeping it in house

March 27, 2015


Sergio Aido: Head of the household in London

If you want to know where the party is in London next week, you should stand in the middle of Hammersmith High Street and say, “Donde está la fiesta?”

Assuming you can also understand what someone then tells you, you’ll likely end up at a house currently occupied by two of the final 16 players at EPT Malta.

We already knew that Sergio Aido and Javier Gomez Zapatero were friends and countrymen. They have spent almost as much time sweating one another’s progress as they have playing their own cards. But it emerged this afternoon that they are also housemates, along with Adrian Mateos, who is presently among the big stacks in the High Roller event.

Several Spanish pros have relocated to London over the past few years, principally to play online. Aido and Mateos moved a couple of years ago, and now Zapatero and another friend named Alberto live there too.

Aido has a UKIPT title to his name already and Mateos is still best known for his victory, as a 19 year old, in the World Series of Poker Europe Main Event just over a year ago. Zapatero’s results, at least in the live arena, are more modest, but he has had the bigger stack for longer periods of this event.

After the redraw down to the final two tables, Zapatero and Aido have been separated again: Aido to the feature table and Zapatero still on the main tournament floor. Zapatero still has the most chips, but when they get back to Hammersmith, Aido will have more room to luxuriate.

“I do,” he said with pride when asked who has the biggest bedroom. “I chose the house.”


Javier Gomez Zapatero: One of two housemates still in

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