EPT12 Malta: Chadha leads the High Roller at dinner break

October 29, 2015

The plan for Day 1 of today’s High Roller is to play ten one-hours levels. Four more levels will take place after the 75-minute that has just commenced. The total number of entries has risen to 169 (15 re-entries) and players can register up until the start of play on Day 2.

Mid-day update

The High Roller took a while to gather speed this afternoon but soon a stream of players rolled up to take their seats, some for the first time and some for the second time.

EPT12_Malta-1033_NL Holdem Single Re-Entry 10K_Carlos Chadha.jpg

Carlos Chadha

As the end of Level 6, the chatty Carlos Chadda leads the way with 255,000 after he took down a huge pot for the hand of the day. He, Anatoly Filatov and Corey Hochman all saw a K♦8♦7♥ flop where Hochman got his chips in the middle and was called by both players. Filatov was the next to commit his stack on the 2♥ turn and all players’ hands were revealed after Chadha called:

Chadha: 7♣7♦ for a set.
Filatov: K♥8♥ for two pair and turned flush draw.
Hochman: 5♦2♦ for the other flush draw on offer.

Chadha was ahead but both his opponents had the chance to suck out. The 5♣ river secured the pot for the Canadian and he jumped up to a quarter of a million chips. Filatov was back below starting stack and Hochman was sent to find another €10,000 for re-entry.

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The top three counts at dinner break:

Carlos Chadha (Canada), 255,000
Andrian Mateos (Spain), 190,000
Armen Khachatryan (Russia), 170,000

EPT12_Malta_NL Holdem Single Re-Entry 10K_Adrian Mateos.jpg

Spanish super kid Mateos

Lily Kiletto was the first player to bust once, and the first player to bust twice as well. Her stack of 50,000 chips went the way of Sergey Sergeev after she turned trips to his flopped flush. That happened in Level 1. By the end if Level 3 she was down to her last 8,000 on her second bullet after her top pair faired badly against Yorane Kerignard over pair. There would be no spin up.

EPT12_Malta-992_NL Holdem Single Re-Entry 10K_Lily Kiletto.jpg

Kiletto was the first to re-enter & bust again

Other players in for two bullets but still in the tournament are: Team PokerStars Theo Jorgensen and Liv Boeree; Anton Astapau, Dan Smith, Emil Patel, Charlie Carrel, Chris Hunichen, Joao Vieira, Kevin MacPhee, Lucas Greenwood, Corey Hochman, Patrick Leonard, Dominik Panka and Tobias Leuenberger.

EPT12_Malta_NL Holdem Single Re-Entry 10K_Liv Boeree.jpg

They call her two bullets Boeree

You can watch #EPTLive coverage here, whilst everything about EPT Malta is on the main EPT Malta page. More specifically, all the side event coverage can be found here.

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