EPT11 London: The view from the infield as Cody doubles up

October 18, 2014

With the way things are going, if Jake Cody and Kevin Killeen reach the heads-up stage of this final table in the early hours of tomorrow morning, the stage will look something like the infield after the Kentucky Derby. They have the most vocal supporters and drink has been taken. It has since been taken again. It makes for a vibrant atmosphere on the rail–still as packed as it was five hours ago when play started, and it just found its voice again following a Jake Cody double up.


The rail, about to be in full voice

For his part Cody is the smooth operator. It might always have been his plan, from the moment he walked on stage all-casual-like, but he still wears his leather jacket, which must make him hot under the television lights. But it doesn’t show. He looks calm and collected and at ease with his environment, even when finding pocket fours and moving his chips all-in.

Seconds later Artur Koren called with ace-king. News of these moments always takes a second to reach the rail ten feet away. Talk stops, heads spin around to look at the table, and the mental recalibration takes place, everyone searching for signs of those indicators that tell them whether this will be good news or bad. Who has the fours? Who has the ace-king?

With this established the shouting started– “Four! Four!” –and suddenly we were on the golf course, only here, rather than it being about etiquette, it’s a desperate bid to talk the poker Gods down from whim.


Nothing to worry about: Jake Cody

The flop came, flashing a king. But it also brought a third four for Cody. Cody didn’t flinch. But his fans did. Well some of them. The drinkers. They screamed and cheered with raised arms. For them this meant an extension of the fun (although consolation drinks taste almost identical to celebration drinks and you usually have more energy to drink them). The other half, the non-drinkers, remained quiet, some anxiously covering their mouths, others chewing the corners of their handbags, wishing for anything on the board that would steer them past defeat for their man.

But like I mentioned earlier, Cody was calm and in little doubt. The turn and river blanked Koren, who was left with a stack of largely blue chips. Cody meanwhile leapt back up to about 4.5 million. That should take quite some time to drink through and his supporters know it. And right now that makes them the happiest folk in town.

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Stephen Bartley is a staff writer for the PokerStars Blog.


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