EPT11 Grand Final: Yaroshevskyy tops star-filled €10K Turbo, Urbanovich 3rd

May 08, 2015

Just three final events to tell you about as the side action has at last wound down at the PokerStars and Monte-Carlo®Casino EPT Grand Final festival and the last few of these were claimed:

NEIL6490_EPT11MON_EPT_Trophies_Neil Stoddart.jpg

When we last left Event #76, the €10,000 Turbo, just 16 were left from the 81 who began, and shortly after they were down to 13 — two off the cash.

Dzmitry Urbanovich was one of the shorter stacks at that point when he watched Fabian Quoss sitting next to him open-push from the small blind. Next to act, a check of the cards and a shrug of the shoulders was followed by a call by Urbanovich who tabled pocket queens, which five cards later had held up against Quoss’s king-nine.

An elimination on the other table happened concurrently, leaving Quoss with a grim grin at suddenly being the short stack himself with 12 left. Soon thereafter Quoss was out as the last man eliminated before the cashing began.

EPT_GrandFinal-995_Fabian Quoss.jpg

Fabian Quoss
The knockouts continued in rapid fashion thereafter, with Salman Behbahani (11th), Ivan Luca (10th), David Yan (ninth), Ilkin Garibli (eighth), Martin Finger (seventh), Aleksandr Denisov (sixth), and Makoto Yoshimichi (fifth) successively being felted.

With four left, Urbanovich held a big chip advantange and Seiver wasn’t far behind. But with the blinds rising quickly no one was terribly deep, and soon Seiver went out in fourth and Urbanovich in third to set up heads-up play between Connor Drinan and Yaroshevskyy.

The latter enjoyed about a 3-to-1 chip lead, then following a 5♠2♥4♣ flop it was Drinan check-raising all in and Yaroshevskyy calling. Drinan’s 7♦4♦ was then best against Yaroshevskyy’s 4♠3♥, but an ace fell on the turn and a king on the river, and Yaroshevskyy rode that wheel to the victory.

Event 76 EPT 11 Grand Final Igor Yaroshevskyy Tomas Ssacha 2 x.jpg

Igor Yaroshevskyy
Urbanovich’s finish gives him added points to help solidify his top position in that EPT Season 11 Player of the Year race (Platinum) we were mentioning before, although we’ll wait to hear that news once the final numbers are calculated and made official.

Regarding the final two events, Event #77, a €300 NL Turbo mini-version of the EPT Main Event, has concluded. A total of 91 took part, and in about eight hours’ time it was Simon Appleby of the UK topping all to claim the €7,030 first prize and trophy.

A while after that the festival’s final event finished, Event #78, a €2K NL Turbo, was down to three players from a starting field of 108. Following the deal Luigi Serricchio went on to win out to earn the extra money on the table and the last trophy of the EPT Grand Final, with Rocco Palumbo finishing runner-up (just missing out on a second title this festival) and Stefan Ivanov taking third. Serricchio claimed €39,460 for the win.

Can it really be the end? Indeed, although Barcelona already beckons. Thanks for following our start-to-finish coverage of the 78 events of this year’s EPT Grand Final, and see you in August for the start of Season 12!

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Martin Harris is Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.


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