EPT11 Grand Final: Side action stroll shows Bryn Kenney among latest champs

May 05, 2015

Not far from the Monte Carlo Bay Resort and Hotel where the PokerStars and Monte-Carlo®Casino EPT Grand Final 78-event festival is playing out is “The Champions Promenade” celebrating the world’s greatest footballers. Players represented have all figuratively left their mark on the game as winners of the prestigious Golden Foot award — and they’ve literally left their mark, too, with their footprints left along the seafront walk.

Among many other things, the PokerStars Blog is also a kind of virtual promenade of champions as we continually chronicle here poker winners both online and live. And as a new day has already begun here at the EPT11 Grand Final, it’s time again to cast into words and pictures the latest winners here in Monaco. Take a walk with us as we do…

Late last night we left Event #45, a €500 limit Omaha hi/low event that attracted 32 players and built a €15,520 prize pool. At the time just three players remained busily discussing a possible deal, and the trio did eventually come to terms. Then after splitting and scooping pots a bit longer into the night it was Harrazi Saber of France taking the trophy.

Event 45 EPT 11 Grand final Harrazi Saber_1Event 45 EPT 11 Grand Final Limit Omaha Hi Low Harrazi Saber DSC_7839.jpg

Harrazi Saber
Runner-up Tobias Hausen of Germany had more chips at the time of the deal, and so ended up carrying away just a tad more of the prize pool in the end. Kevin MacPhee was also among the cashers after making it to sixth in this one.

Event #45, €500 Limit Omaha High/Low
Entries: 32
Prize pool: €15,520
Places paid: 6

1. Harrazi Saber (France) €3,840*
2. Tobias Hausen (Germany) €4,000*
3. Bruno Fernandes (France) €3,400*
4. Alexandr Bogaciov (Moldova) €1,790
5. Adam Owen (United Kingdom) €1,400
6. Kevin MacPhee (United States) €1,090
*denotes three-way deal

Starting at 8 p.m., Event #47 — a €500+€500+€100 NL turbo bounty tournament — blitzed through to a conclusion as well despite drawing a hefty field of 192 to build a total prize pool of €90,240. Bounties aside, the top 27 finishers divided up the regular part of the prize pool, with Bryn Kenney of Long Beach, California taking top honors.


Bryn Kenney
Kenney adds yet another EPT trophy to his collection after having won previous side events at EPT8 Prague and EPT9 Barcelona.

Here’s how the payouts went at the final table:

Event #47, €500 NL Turbo Bounty
Entries: 192
Total prize pool: €90,240
Places paid: 27

1. Bryn Kenney (United States) €20,000
2. Philip Andrew Patrick (United Kingdom) €13,500
3. Agnes Jacques-Soulier (France) €9,300
4. Pavel Veksler (Israel) €7,600
5. Diogo Cardoso (Portugal) €6,050
6. Joao Brito (Portugal) €4,650
7. Gbriele Menchelli (France) €3,370
8. Filippo Lazzaretto (Italy) €2,450
9. Jevgenijs Sapronenko (Latvia) €2,020

Even later in the night came a couple more fast-paced events, one being Event #48, a €100 buy-in “Deuces Wild” NL turbo tournament allowing unlimited rebuys (for €50) through the first hour with levels lasting just 15 minutes each.

By the end Frederic Berenger added another EPT Grand Final win for France, topping the 77-entry field and earning €3,110 for the lion’s share of the €11,301 prize pool. The UK’s Paul Newey was among the final tablists. The full payouts:

Event #48, €100 Deuces Wild
Entries: 77
Prize pool: €11,301
Places paid: 11

1. Frederic Berenger (France) €3,110
2. Robert Schiffbauer (United States) €2,210
3. Stefan Schillhabel (Germany) €1,446
4. Steponas Venckus (Lithuania) €1,115
5. Olivier Decamps (France) €880
6. Paul Newey (United Kingdom) €690
7. Nicolas Fraioli (France) €540
8. Michele Bianchi (Switzerland) €425
9. Oleg Poluzhnikov (Russia) €325
10. Andrius Giedraitis (Latvia) €280
11. Geoffray Hyvernat (France) €280

Finally we have one last champion to look upon on our walk through the overnight happenings, Turkey’s Yucel Eminoglu who proved best from a 130-player field in Event #49, the €500 “Midnight Hyperturbo” featuring just 10-minute levels.

Eminoglu took the trophy following a three-way deal with Denmark’s Mads Fournaise and the American WSOP bracelet holder Ronnie Bardah. Fournaise ended as runner-up, though earned a bit more than the others thanks to having the chip lead at deal-making time.

Polish pop star Wojciech “Lozo” Lozowski also made the final table, finishing fifth. Here’s how those final table payouts went:

Event #49, €500 Midnight Hyperturbo
Entries: 130
Prize pool: €63,050
Places paid: 17

1. Yucel Eminoglu (Turkey) €11,050*
2. Mads Fournaise (Denmark) €12,000*
3. Ronnie Bardah (United States) €10,500*
4. Kasra Pour Khomamy (Germany) €5,770
5. Wojciech Lozowski (Poland) €4,650
6. Stefano Terziani (Italy) €3,670
7. Nicola D`Anselmo (Italy) €2,805
8. Iacopo Brandi (Italy) €2,110
9. Luigi Serricchio (Italy) €1,575
*denotes three-way deal

It’s another busy day today, of course, and we’ll be doing a lot more walking around to follow all of the many side events in play.

One highlight will be the finish of Event #46, a two-day €2,000 event for which 62 players returned led by the red hot Argentinian, Ivan Luca. Click here to see who else is left in that field, and stick close as we’ll give you the story of how that one ends up playing out.

Among the other events we’ll be reporting on as well today and tonight will be the €5,000 NL 8-handed (Event #51), a €500 H.O.R.S.E. (Event #53), a €200 PLO turbo (Event #56), a €100 NL “Second Best Hold’em” Turbo with rebuys in which the second-best hand wins (Event #57), a €5,000 “Midnight Turbo” (Event #58), plus a handful of other side events, too.

Stick close and keep moving, because the EPT Grand Final keeps strolling along.

Click here for a continually updated list of all side event results from the EPT11 Grand Final.

Follow all the action from the €10,000 Main Event is on the Main Event page. Also watch on EPT Live. It’s also about time you downloaded the EPT app. There you will get all the latest news, chip counts and payouts. You can download it on Android or IOS.

Martin Harris is Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.


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