EPT11 Grand Final: Seiver, Urbanovich seek EPT glory on festival’s last day

May 08, 2015

As we noted at the start of the day, there are just a few more silver spade trophies yet to be claimed in side action at the PokerStars and Monte-Carlo®Casino EPT Grand Final. Three new turbo events are on the schedule — the last three of the 78-tournament festival — and a fourth event that began yesterday has already played down to a winner.

Just 10 returned from the 108-entry €200 NL Monaco Megastack — Event #73 — and it only took a short while this afternoon for Lege Saied to earn the first title of the festival for Tunisia. Saied picked up €4,540 for the win following a three-way deal with runner-up Enzo Giannasca of Italy and third-place finisher Tommaso Marchese (Morocco).

EPT_GrandFinal-988_winner_event73_Lege Saied.jpg

Lege Saied
Meanwhile among today’s three turbo events are Event #77, a €300 buy-in NL event that looks to have drawn about 90 entrants — with Saied, in fact, being among the very last to register. There’s also Event #78, a €2,000 NL Turbo, that just started a few minutes ago.

The highlight among the side action, however, is Event #76, the €10,000 NL Turbo that not surprisingly featured many of poker’s best making up what turned out to be an 81-player field who together built a €793,800 prize pool. A €219,300 first prize awaits the winner, and after just over four hours’ worth of 15-minute levels they’ve already raced down to 16 players — five off the money as 11 get paid.

A quick pass shows Scott Seiver — he of the “high roller hat trick” and another side event title this festival — as the current chip leader with 1.2 million.

EPT_GrandFinal-1000_Scott Seiver.jpg

Scott Seiver
And while things are changing quickly, Dzmitry Urbanovich is one of the bigger stacks of those left with around 700,000.

Urbanovich, of course, is one vying for the EPT Season 11 Player of the Year Platinum, the one counting all events across all buy-in levels. (The Gold tier POY awards points for events $3,000 and lower, while the Silver POY only concerns events $600 and below.) Urbanovich has said of the EPT11 POY award, “it means more to me than the money.” Click here for more info about the EPT POY, including updated totals.

As of the latest update, Urbanovich held the POY lead over Joao Vieira, Vladimir Troyanovskiy, and Davidi Kitai. Troyanovskiy didn’t play this one and both Vieira and Kitai have been eliminated, and so for now the Polish player appears in good position, although with Event #78’s registration still open we’ll have to wait until later to see how the race ends up.

EPT_GrandFinal-991_Dzmitry Urbanovich.jpg

Dzmitry Urbanovich
Back later with more from the last few servings of sides here at the EPT11 Grand Final.

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Martin Harris is Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.


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