EPT11 Grand Final: Midnight matters aka the side event round-up

May 02, 2015

As the clock approaches midnight here in Monaco and Day 1a of the Main Event is into the last level of the night there are four side events approaching the business end of proceedings and all four are slated to finish today.

Really three should have been the magic number, but as we reported earlier an impromptu €5,000 Hyper-Turbo satellite to tomorrow’s €50,000 Super High Roller was rustled up. A dozen doyens of poker remain in that one fighting it out for two seats. Dan Smith, Martin Finger, David Yan, Sam Greenwood, Pratyush Buddiga, Thomas Muehloecker and Jack Salter are all still involved in that one.


One of the fastest ways to spend €5,000 in Monaco

That event is playing out opposite the €200 Woman’s event, which with ten players left was on the stone bubble. Jack Salter beckoned the PokerStars Blog over and said: “Do you know the name of the woman in seat six?” We didn’t. “Could you ask her what her name is please,” he then asked. “It’ll sound odd coming from me,” he continued. The PokerStars Blog doesn’t really do matchmaking services but any fears of having to come up with a line to break the ice were soon abated when Salter said: “I think it’s my mate’s mum!” Indeed it is, Jan Combes, mother of Charlie, is still in and she seemed to be one of those in the middle of the pack and in little danger of bubbling.

Meanwhile in The Americas room the €300 Monaco Cup and €2,000 FPS High Roller play on. The former is down to 14 players, blinds are at 15,000/30,000 ante 4,000 and the average stack is 533,000. The chip leader right now is Olivier Ezan. The Frenchman has a stack of 1,650,000.

And in the €2,000 FPS High Roller a total of 16 players still have chips. In that one Canadian pro Carlos Chadha sits atop the chip counts with 1,320,000. That’s plenty given blinds are 8,000/16,000 ante 2,000. Everyone left in has guaranteed themselves €8,100 but will be gunning for the top prize of €144,100. Among those still in are:

EPT11_Monte_Carlo_fps_high_roller_Luciana Manolea.jpg

Luciana Manolea is still going strong

Paul Hoefer, 1,150,000
David Peters, 1,030,000
Bryan Paris, 920,000
Yury Gulyy, 720,000
Luciana Manolea, 630,000
Neil Strike, 550,000
Nicolas Cardyn, 350,000

Their job has got a bit easier too as a whole host of top players are among those who’ve recently busted: Michael Tureniec (18th), Nicolau Villa-Lobos (19th), Jake Cody (20th), Joao Vieira (21st), Ihar Soika (23rd), Moshin Charania (27th), Shyam Srinivasan (28th) and Ben Heath (30th) are all out.


Vieira and Cody – both out

You can follow all the action on PokerStars Blog: the Super High Roller is on the Super High Roller page, the Main Event is on the Main Event page and the France Poker Series event is on the FPS page.

It’s also about time you downloaded the EPT app. There you will get all the latest news, chip counts and payouts. You can download it on Android or IOS.


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