EPT11 Deauville: Tobias Peters in no rush to give up the day job

February 06, 2015

We were speculating earlier this week that it was highly unlikely that anyone who’d headed down under to play the Aussie Millions would also have made the trip to Northern France for EPT Deauville.

It was logistical more than anything else. The Aussie Millions Main Event wrapped up on the same day as the EPT Deauville Main Event began. Sure if you busted the Aussie Millions on Day 1 you could’ve considered it but it was still a long shot. So it’s with a nod of thanks to our Dutch colleagues that on the penultimate day of EPT Deauville we finally found someone who played both Main Events and indeed is still alive in today’s High Roller.


Tobias Peters – part time poker player

What’s more this player isn’t a full-time player but rather chooses to keep poker as a hobby.”I’m an IT consultant in business intelligence,” Tobias Peters tells the PokerStars Blog during a break in play. “Most of the time I work on projects for big companies and they usually take six months to a year. It differs from project to project.” Peters believes there are many similarities between his day job and his hobby. “In business intelligence you have to look at a lot of data and extract information from that data. So it’s pretty similar to poker. You collect data and you find information in it.”

Luckily for Peters his job allows him to take significant chunks of time off work in-between projects and The Aussie Millions and EPT Deauville are just two poker events he’s taking in during his sabbatical. “I’ve got the next four months off, after this event I play the Scheveningen Series of Poker in Holland, then I go to to Macau to play the Macau Poker Series and then I go to Malta for the EPT. I’ve played the Scheveningen Series four times and won it twice so I have to go!”

And it’s not like Peters, who has almost $600,000 in lifetime earnings, decided to come to Deauville on a whim. “I’ve been coming to Deauville for the last six years so I was always planning on playing here,” he says. “I never get jet-lag because whenever I fly I lay my head down and I fall asleep. I wanted to drive straight to Deauville after landing back in Holland, but my luggage was still in Dubai. So I couldn’t drive until Saturday morning and arrived in Deauville on the Saturday evening.”

Whilst this is a straight up poker trip for 34-year-old Peters that’s not always the case. “I like to combine poker trips with a vacation. A lot of times I take my girlfriend with me and we can travel like we did last month. We travelled for one month around Australia and then on the end of the trip I play some poker tournaments and then we go home.”


Peters – mixes travelling with poker

He’s extended his trip to at least the penultimate day of EPT Deauville by virtue of making Day 2 of the High Roller. “This is my third high roller in Deauville,” he says on a break in play close to the bubble. “I was doing really well, but I had a tough last level so now I’m down to a little above average. We’re close to the bubble, but if you have a hand you’re going to play it.”

And those still involved in the High Roller should know that when Peters goes deep in a tournament he goes really deep. “If I look at my results then if I make a final table I usually go deep in it and if I make a heads-up I usually win. I think I’ve won six out of seven heads-ups. Of course it’s down to variance but I’m a superstitious guy so I always want the trophy!”

Indeed a glance at Peters’ results show six outright victories in events ranging from €500 to €1,000 buy-ins, including a side event victory here in Deauville last year. He’s also got three seconds, two thirds and a fourth but in the great trophy or money debate Peters falls clearly on one side of the line in this event. “Of course the trophy is nice but in this one it’s about the money, it’s life changing money but the trophy is also nice. I’d sign for second place right now also, if you think about the money.”

It’s looking pretty good for Peters right now in this event. Not only is he in the money he’s just eliminated Jonathan Little in seventeenth place in a huge flip. Little’s pocket eights couldn’t hold against the ace-king of Peters, who spiked a king on the turn. That pot was worth 760,000 and Peters now has the chip lead with 16 left.


Peters leads the final 16

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