EPT11 Deauville: Not even sleep can stop Vladimir Troyanovskiy

February 06, 2015

If you ask me, the star of this week in Deauville has been Vladimir Troyanovskiy — and that goes whatever happens between now and the end of tomorrow.

The Russian high roller, a regular at the biggest games hosted on the European Poker Tour, was long ago eliminated from the Main Event — in 74th, for €8,810. To be honest, he was probably relieved.


Vladimir Troyanovskiy: Day dreaming

After a two day slog in the €2,000 FPS High Roller, he had to play the final table at the end of Day 2 in the EPT Main Event. That lasted until about 5 a.m. (he won it, of course) and he had to come back the next day for the run into the money in the €5,000 buy in tournament.

His eyes were drooping a little during the early levels of Day 3. He was like that guy sitting opposite you on the commuter train, dropping off for nano seconds then snapping his head back vertical again. But he locked up his min-cash, presumably finally got some proper sleep, and, of course, came back for the €10,000 High Roller.

At time of writing, they are down to the final 22 in the High Roller. Troyanovskiy has an average stack and looking a solid bet for coasting into the money. (The bubble bursts at 18.)

There should be some way to reward this, don’t you think? All this effort. (In addition to the prize money, of course.) Indeed there is, actually: it’s the EPT Player of the Year award, and Troyanovskiy’s brilliance in Deauville, in addition to a pretty spectacular season to date, means he has now taken over at the top of the rankings.


Player of the Year leader, on the left

There’s a complicated calculations formula behind the EPT Player of the Year rankings (it’s all explained in this primer) but it makes a lot of sense that Troyanovskiy is now out front. He made two in-the-money finishes in Barcelona, including third in the €50,000 Super High Roller; another two in London (both final tables, actually, including in the UKIPT Main Event); another couple in Prague, (yep, there was a Super High Roller final table there too); a couple at the PCA and then already two this week in Deauville.

(He also hopped to the APPT in the middle of this and secured his largest cash of the year.)

Troyanovskiy took over at the top from Joao Vieira, who had occupied the top spot since pretty much the start of the season. But there is only a tiny sliver of breathing space between both of those two and Davidi Kitai. The Belgian player is also still in the High Roller here in Deauville, so that’s a neat sub-plot as the tournament plays on to about midnight.


Davidi “Boys Don’t Cry” Kitai

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