EPT11 Deauville: Into the money in the High Roller

February 06, 2015

A common language is no guarantee of cordiality, at least not in a High Roller event. When Jesper Feddersen of Germany called the clock on Josip Simunic of Austria, it sparked off a kind of cold war that fizzled on as play approached the bubble, the two players insisting that the time they were taking was too long, a decision they began taking after about 20 seconds.


No stalling: Jesper Feddersen out on the bubble

It made for a tense atmosphere among the players inching towards the money, with those falling before 17th forced to leave empty handed. Funnily enough it was Feddersen who would be the last to leave with nothing, becoming perhaps the first short stacked player to call time on someone for slow playing.

Meanwhile Roman Korenev can afford to crack a smile, guaranteed a min cash of €19,290, but with the chip lead looking set to make much more. You sense also that the mood has changed a little now that the money is being distributed, (well Simunic’s surely has, maybe not Feddersens’s). Korenev is in good form

Among those playing on include Vladimir Troyanovskiy, who can cash any event in his sleep, which he proved in the Main Event this week after playing through the night to win the FPS High Roller. Situation normal for him today. Davidi Kitai, who won the €2,000 Turbo event also remains, as does Tobias Peters, who had the longest commute this week having flow directly from the Aussie Millions.


Awake, for now: Vladimir Troyanovskiy

Others still in contention include Robin Ylitalo, Artur Koren and Jean-Noel Thorel. Meanwhile Jonathan Little, who led coming into the day and was among the leaders when the bubble burst, crashed out in 17th place when his eights were undone on the turn by Peters’s ace-king (a hand that sent Peters into the lead).


Jonathan Little: was in, now out in 17th place

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Stephen Bartley is a staff writer for the PokerStars Blog.


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