EPT11 Deauville: Singing baker Joseph Carlino trills his way to the top of the charts

February 05, 2015

There are numerous reasons people come to Deauville, including horse-racing,
a film festival and the chance to be stared straight through by waiters who deem you unworthy to dine in their restaurants. Yet for the poker players who flock here year after year, the attraction is clear: this is the town in which you will find some very enthusiastic locals, happy to speculate €5,000 on a poker tournament despite never even having heard of “this Deux Plus Deux”.

Unless you get pretty unlucky, your starting table in Deauville will have at least one butcher, baker or candlestick maker on it, putting the week’s takings to work. And you may even find a garrulous wannabe opera singer, serenading you gleefully as you try to figure out his four-betting range.

Here’s the thing, though, that is well worth remembering. Despite barely fitting the mould of poker shark, that troubadour might actually be able to play this game.

Today in Deauville, we returned with the likes of Kevin MacPhee, Ruben Visser and ElkY holding high hopes of moving into contention to add to their trophy collections. Yet at the end of play, only MacPhee was left and he had a shortish stack. Meanwhile that happy-go-lucky dollar-store Patrick Bruel, a former baker from Orleans named Joseph Carlino, is the chip leader. He trilled his way to the top of the charts.


Joseph Carlino: Easy game

Carlino had a brilliant day at the tables. He started this week by playing in the France Poker Series, having won his seat online, and then won a live satellite to the Main Event. He started today with a relatively small stack of 372,000, but as he continued to sing, he continued to climb up the leader board. Carlino took huge chunks from Daniel Carlsson and Guilaume Darcourt, and he knocked out Miroslav Alilovic and Evangelos Tsairis. He finished with 2,757,000 chips, which is comfortably the most.

Here’s how the remaining 15 line-up:

Joseph Carlino, France, 2,757,000
Carlo Savinelli, Italy, 2,565,000
Benjamin Buhr, France, 2,001,000
Dany Parlafes, Romania, 1,850,000
Matas Cimbolas, Lithuania, 1,621,000
Ognyan Dimov, Bulgaria, 1,103,000
Andrius Bielskis, Lithuania, 1,095,000
Benjamin Pollak, France, 877,000
Olivier Piechaczyk, France, 841,000
Massou Cohen, France, 641,000
Julien Duveau, France, 630,000
Georgios Kapalas, Greece, 585,000
Kevin MacPhee, United States, 581,000
Joseph El Khoury, Lebanon, 415,000
Daniel Carlsson, Sweden, 267,000


Carlo Savinelli: Second place

So, yes, the story of the day began just as ElkY’s charge came to its conclusion in 31st. He flew high through two days, but had his wings clipped when it mattered most and departed with €14,490.


The fun soon stopped for ElkY

Soon after, Visser was eviscerated in an enormous three-way pot in which David van den Berg assumed the chip lead. But Van den Berg also fell by the wayside as first Dany Parlafes staked his claim for the big stack and then Carlino took over.


David van den Berg: Leader, then downed

There are, however, still some notables in there. Georgios Kapalas didn’t have quite the great day he had yesterday, but it still hoping to secure Greece’s second Deauville title in two years. Matas Cimbolas recently won on the WPT while Daniel Carlsson continues his bid to be the next Swedish superstar.


Matas Cimbolas: Known name

ElkY is gone, but Benjamin Pollak, another home-grown talent with bags of ability, is still in the mix. The money he has already locked up, at least €25,010, has pushed his live tournament earnings past $2 million. There’s €543,700 on offer to the winner of this one, remember.

With only just enough players to fill two tables, the race to the last eight tomorrow shouldn’t take too long. Fill your boots with coverage from the €10,000 High Roller late into the night, and then join us tomorrow at noon for the resumption of the Main Event.

Coverage from the Main Event of EPT Deauville is on the Main Event page. Check out all the action from around the festival on the main festival page. Also follow the action on EPT Live and stay up to date with the sensational EPT app for iPhone, iPad or Android.


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