EPT11 Deauville: Dany Parlafes plays the hot(dog) streak to lead final six in France

February 06, 2015

Some people have golden amulets, others sever the feet off rabbits. But Dany Parlafes has a charm that is not only tastier, but that works even better than those.

“It’s my lucky hot-dog,” he said, stuffing six inches of pale sausage into his mouth shortly before taking his seat among the last ten at EPT Deauville today. “I’ve had one on the second break every day so far.”

There’s no arguing with results and in the three hours immediately following Parlafes’s fifth snack-of-dubious-origin of the week, he went on one of the most enormous tears of this European Poker Tour Main Event. Parlafes comes back tomorrow as the chip leader of the six remaining players at EPT Deauville, looking for a first prize of €543,700.

That lucky hotdog is not to be sniffed at.


Dany Parlafes: Massive chip leader

The man from Bucharest, Romania, turned 30 on Saturday and is starting this new decade of his life in the most spectacular fashion, even if his diet maybe still need some work. He is a high stakes PLO specialist, but is looking forward to giving up the daily grind, assuming he lands a big score tomorrow.

It’s no forgone conclusion, however. His five opponents around the final table tomorrow have all showed utmost tenacity and talent this week. Benjamin Buhr, second in chips, has shown great willingness to tangle in big pots in what is his first EPT event. Meanwhile, Ognyan Dimov is having a breakout season, having gone deep in London at the end of last year.

Joseph Carlino, the air-kicking, serenading, former baker will stay in the spotlight into the final day. There was almost a seat too for Massou Cohen. It was some job to bust him in seventh. He simply wouldn’t give up.


Joseph Carlino: Street fighting man


Oduracy’s Massou Cohen

Here’s how they will line up in the bid to determine the latest EPT champion:

Seat 1 – Benjamin Pollak, France, 1,665,000 (28 BBs)
Seat 2 – empty
Seat 3 – Andrius Bielskis, Lithuania, 1,680,000 (28 BBs)
Seat 4 – empty
Seat 5 – Dany Parlafes, Romania, 7,585,000 (126 BBs)
Seat 6 – Ognyan Dimov, Bulgaria, 3,405,000 (57 BBs)
Seat 7 – Benjamin Buhr, France, 2,555,000 (43 BBs)
Seat 8 – Joseph Carlino, France, 875,000 (15 BBs)


Final table players, before elimination of Cimbolas and Cohen

You’ll notice that there are two seats empty already on the final table, the result of the eliminations earlier today of seven players to get us down to the final, then Matas Cimbolas and, eventually, Cohen to call it a day.


Matas Cimbolas: Could not add EPT to WPT triumph

All of Daniel Carlsson, Olivier Piechaczyk, Julien Duveau, Georgios Kapalas, Joseph El Khoury and Carlo Savinelli fell before the business end, and we also bade farewell to Kevin MacPhee. MacPhee was the last former champion in the field, and also the last player from North America. But he couldn’t make it through to his second final table of the season and his hunt for a second title continues.


Kevin MacPhee: Out in 11th, but a great season nonetheless

Check out the hand-by-hand coverage at the top of the main EPT Deauville page to see how it played out today, and all the payouts to date.

Tomorrow we will start play at 12pm CET real time, but there will be a one-hour security delay for EPT Live‘s cards up coverage. The text action therefore starts at 1pm. Join us then.

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