EPT11 Barcelona: Jose Lamarca Capa leads team performance as all records are broken

August 22, 2014

The European Poker Tour is celebrating its 100th birthday in Barcelona this week, and by way of celebration it threw a party. Anyone was invited, so long as they stumped up €5,000 for a ticket.

The doors opened for the first time yesterday, and 475 people attended. But as is the case at every shindig from Mayfair to Las Vegas to Monte Carlo to Catalonia, it’s cool to be fashionably late.

Today at Casino Barcelona, the hordes descended. By the time we reached the end of Level 8 of Day 1B of EPT100, 1,010 players had been seated around the tournament tables, spilling out of the door of the main tournament room and up the stairs into an overflow area. And then there were 230 alternates, prepared to wait until an early attendee was bounced out the door before they could even get in.

One in, one out. Stand behind the barrier. There’s no such thing as a guest list.


Alternates wait to play EPT Barcelona

This was the biggest single day of tournament poker ever hosted on the EPT, including that interloper they call the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure. It has now beaten the all time Europe-based EPT attendance record of 1,240 players, set in Sanremo in Season 6 — a mark that has stood for more than four years. (Have a quick look at how the records have tumbled through the years.)

It seems kind of superfluous, but we’re not even done yet. Registration remains open until noon tomorrow.


Juan Dominguez and Diego Gomez: Local players discuss the enormous field

At the end of this ridiculous day of poker, it has never seemed less relevant who is actually in the lead. It seems odd to single out one person when it’s the team effort that needs most to be applauded.

But such is the convention of these day-end reports, and the Day 1B chip leader of EPT Barcelona is Jose Lamarca Capa, whose 193,300 puts him ahead even of Michael “The Grinder” Mizrachi’s total of 186,600 from yesterday.


Jose Lamarca Capa: How many?

Here are many of the notable stacks from the day:

Jose Lamarca Capa – 193,300
Timur Margolin – 166,175
Yves Boschetti – 164,500
Timo Pfutzenreuter – 163,600
Vojtech Ruzicka – 155,300
Tommie Janssen – 138,000
Li Zhang – 137,300
Vincent Robert – 130,400
Shyam Srinivasan – 129,400
Hugo Pingray – 128,800
Andrew Derek Taylor – 128,700
Alexis Urli – 122,200
Thomas Dunwoodie – 119,600
Raigo Aasmaa – 118,900
Theo Jorgensen – 116,500
Dominik Panka – 100,000
Andrea Dato – 113,900
Hugo Lemaire – 107,600
Rumen Nanev – 104,800
Davidi Kitai – 93,200
Ami Alibay – 88,800
Andras Nemeth – 86,000
Bruno Politano – 82,700
Sam Greenwood – 79,800
Govert Metaal – 78,100
Jamila Von Perger – 78,000
Mike McDonald – 76,800
David Peters – 75,800
Michiel Brummelhuis – 67,200
Grzegorz Mikielewicz – 61,600
Jake Cody – 57,900
Sergey Rybachenko – 57,600
Noah Boeken – 55,500
Ivan Demidov – 52,900
Marcin Horecki – 47,300
Dan Smith – 45,600
Roger Hairabedian – 37,500
Chanracy Khun – 37,400
Johan van Til – 35,100
Joao Nunes – 34,900
Andras Koroknai – 31,300
Morten Mortensen – 29,500
Erik van den Berg – 27,600
Liv Boeree – 27,400
Ludovic Geilich – 25,000
Pius Heinz – 21,500
Andre Akkari – 20,100
Shaun Deeb – 18,700
Daniel Negreanu – 18,600
Sofia Lovgren – 16,200
Doug Polk – 7,400


Daniel Negreanu survived turbulent day


Dominik Panka: PCA champion continuing the heater

Somehow the tournament officials will now combine the survivors of both starting flights under one roof for Day 2, which starts tomorrow at noon. Before enjoying that, however, you’ll need to take a look through today’s coverage, which peek behind the scenes of EPT Live.

It then took a turn for the turgid with a long and boring, but very important, post about a new rule change on the European Poker Tour this year.

Jake Cody talked to PokerStars Blog about beards, bluffing and buy-ins, and we also caught up with Willie Tann, who played in the first EPT and today played in the 100th.

Two popular and successful Americans also dropped in: Byron Kaverman and Shannon Shorr.

And it’s also worth taking a look back at the PokerStars Takedown from yesterday, an event that was about skill, luck, intrigue and fun.

When we have all caught our breath, we’ll start again tomorrow. Bring your machetes. It’s a dense and dark jungle out there.


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