EPT11 Barcelona: From one bugbear to another, time for Danzer to take EPT gold

August 23, 2014

The PokerStars summer of 2014 will be remembered for its numerous high points. Vanessa Selbst won her second WSOP bracelet in the $25k Mixed Max. Daniel Negreanu took second place in the Big One for One Drop to return to top spot as the highest earning tournament player in history. But it was also memorable for one man’s achievement of finally seeing off a personal tournament bugbear.

It’s not that George Danzer ever displayed any torment at having come so close to winning a bracelet before without actually getting his hands on one. In fact, to meet Danzer is to be introduced to a man so at odds with the concept of black clouds or reasons not to be cheerful that it’s hard not to laugh at everything he says.

But beneath the surface there was perhaps a slight niggle, a private doubt that this curse would ever be lifted. After all his record is one of countless close calls. Before this year Danzer’s WSOP record included a ninth place finish, a sixth, a fifth, two thirds and a second. Each time the big grin remained, and he simply moved on to the next tournament. But the photo this summer, taken at that moment when he finally won, spoke volumes for the relief.

George Danzer_bracelet_win_ept11barce_me_d2.jpg

This is what it looks like to finally win

And so the weight was lifted, so much so that a couple of weeks later he did it all again. Two bracelets, more than enough to make those wilderness years feel like a distant memory.

Now though, as the summer of George moves on, it’s more about looking ahead than looking back. Or is he still riding a wave of giddy joy?

“Yeah it’s pretty much, not back to normal, but back to a different level,” said Danzer, speaking yesterday. “The last tournaments during the World Series, I was really happy. I still had to focus a little bit because of the Player of the Year leader board, but I wasn’t playing like I didn’t care, I was still focusing.


George Danzer back on the EPT

“But now it’s a new season. I want to do well in EPTs too because that was not my strong tournament up to now. I’ve made a couple of deep runs but no final tables in my career. I’m aiming for a little better this season.

As one bug bear departs, another takes its place, even bigger and furrier than the last. But well, it’s true. Danzer does have a hole in his resume, with the EPT still an elusive target. It’s getting to be something of a Danzer theme.

“Exactly,” laughed Danzer. “The online thing worked out, the WSOP thing is done. So now I have to work on the EPT resume.”

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Stephen Bartley is a staff writer for the PokerStars Blog.


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