EPT11 Barcelona: Big stacks assume positions for collision

August 24, 2014

There’s a storm brewing in the tournament room, far out the way of television cameras. After his table broke during the middle of the last level, Nima Ahrary was recently moved to occupy the chair about five to Vojtech Ruzicka‘s right. That means two of the room’s three biggest stacks have the chance to tangle with one another.

Not much is known about Ahrary, and he seems content with that state of affairs. He turned down an interview request during the recent break and our German blog team has never encountered him before either. All we know is that he has had a handful of small cashes on the EPT over the past couple of years.

The headline news now, though, is that he has about 930,000 chips at the break. Ruzicka has 980,000.


Vojtech Ruzicka: Bullying again

Ismael Bojang, who had a superlative World Series this summer, is also on that table and it is actually the same particular piece of furniture occupied by both he and Ruzicka at the end of last night. Bojang “only” has 290,000 chips at the moment, but is running exceptionally hot. He cashed nine times in Las Vegas this summer, including runs to three final tables.

John Andress, an American PokerStars qualifier, has also increased his stack to 530,000 and is sitting to Ruzicka’s left. This is the most stacked table in the room by a significant margin.

Jan Heitmann, today beneath a fetching crimson flat hat that makes him look as though he may be auditioning for Fagin’s gang, is also enjoying a decent run. During the last level, he described a double up through a player at his new table who “glaubt meine 5bet niche”.


Strike a light, guvnor: Jan Heitmann

We have often enjoyed Heitmann’s poker tweets, largely because although they are in German, they make perfect sense. This one is a gem:

Andre Akkari is the only other Team PokerStars Pro still in action. He has had a micro stack throughout all stages of this tournament, but is clinging on. He will eventually need to make one of his double ups stick if he wants to get deep into Day 4, but he can’t do much more at the moment.


Andre Akkari: Still alive with a short stack

Follow all the action from the tournament floor on the main EPT Barcelona page. There’s hand-by-hand coverage in the panel at the top, including chip counts, and feature pieces below. There’s also EPT Live, which is streaming action from Day 2 of the Main Event.


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